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Marriage CD Is Ready and Available!

As promised, the CD – 100 Years of Marriages, Washington County, Kentucky, 1792-1892 – is ready for purchase!  There are 9,533 marriage records listed on the CD – an Excel spreadsheet – with columns for year, groom’s last name, description of the marriage record, bride’s last name and date of marriage.  There are two files on the CD for your convenience – one sorted by groom’s last name, then first name, and one file sorted by bride’s last name, then last name of the groom.  You can sort by any column or do a find on any name.  Here is an example of one of the entries:

Washington Cty., KY – Abell – 1804 – Enoch Abell married Elizabeth Purcell – Purcell – 05 Oct 1804 – Marriage

I’m so excited to have this project finished – it’s taken almost a year!  For my own research it will be much easier to have one list of marriages to look through for Washington County, and I’m sure if you have ancestors from this county it will be helpful, too.  Also remember that Marion County was part of Washington County until it was formed into a separate county in 1834.  So early Marion County records are also included.  The CD is $15 plus $2.50 shipping and handling.  If you wish to purchase a CD send an email to

For your convenience I have added list of surnames included on this CD – 100 Years of Washington County Marriages, 1792-1892 – Surname List.  This will be helpful in deciding if this CD would help with your research.

Don’t forget the contest we are running through tomorrow – the person who correctly gives the month and day with the most marriages during the 100 year period will receive a free CD!  Just send your guess as an email, comment or on Kentucky Kindred’s Facebook page!  Remember, month and day – for example, June 25th.  For more information on the CD you can check out an earlier post – 100 Years of Washington County Marriages – and Marion County, Too!

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