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Children of George Klein and Caroline Jungbluth

The above photo was taken September 25, 1924, of George Andrew and Caroline Jungbluth Klein’s children.  Back row:  Lawrence C., Louis Henry, George Arthur and Frederick Andrew Klein.  Seated:  Edith Margaret, Clara M., Anna Christina and Ellinore “Ella” Louise Klein.

Edith Margaret Klein is Ritchey’s grandmother.  She married Francis Sumber Ritchey June 10, 1910, in Nebraska.  Louis Henry Klein married Bertha Mary Kirkpatrick November 25, 1903.  Anna Christina Klein married Joseph Frederick Kaspar December 20, 1906.  Ellinore “Ella” Louise Klein married Edward Black August 4, 1909.  Frederick Andrew Klein married Fannie Ellen Yates August 2, 1922.  Lawrence C. Klein married Willie Kate Hahn February 17, 1935.  Clara M. Klein married in 1966 at the age of 67, but I do not know the name of her husband.  Ge0rge Arthur Klein remained a bachelor.  He was a twin, his brother Henry W. Klein died when less than a year old.

Below is a photo of the family in front of their sod house in Nebraska.  I believe this photo was taken about 1896 – after baby Henry died in 1895 and before Clara was born in 1899.

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  1. body{font-size:10pt;font-family:arial,sans-serif;background-color:#ffffff;color:black;}p{margin:0px;}Phyllis – A comment on your picture’s comments. George Arthur did marry and had several children. If you can make the disc work that I sent you then you will notice the information there…. We’re still traveling so it’s a bit hard to generate the info for you.Also, as to the ladies in the front row of the picture…. I think it is Clara next to Edith and Anna to her right? The pictures I have seen of Clara she always seems to be a bit more “plump” than her sisters. I vaguely remember meeting her once, probably while I was in high school, so it would have been in the 1950s.I believe Clara was married twice…. 1st was a Loomis, no more details known by me. The second was a Claude Powell…. do not know marriage or other dates for him. He had at least 3 children.Edith was also married once before Frank at a rather young age and for not long. I have information at home on that with divorce information. There was one daughter of the first marriage. Ron

    • I did get it to work! Was trying to open the wrong file! But the information I listed was from your disc. The photo was from Ritchey’s family and they had the names at the bottom of the photo. But you are right, Clara must be beside Edith – she looks more like an older photo I have of Clara.

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