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Lost and Found Photos

I’m sharing with you today some “Lost and Found Photos” from our travels in Cincinnati.  As with all old photos I am continually amazed that they are given away, but that is especially true with these baby photos!  Look at these precious faces – at one time someone’s darling babe – now an unknown face.  But we can appreciate and love them again!

This first infant is adorable.  Notice the tiny ring on her finger – well, honestly, I don’t know that is true.  All infants were dressed much the same during the early years of the 20th century.  This photo was taken at Aggilmour studio in Lebanon, Ohio.

This next baby has the most arresting eyes!  They are so beautiful – as well as the rosebud lips!  This photo was taken at Keifer and Kirsch in Lawrenceburgh, Indiana.

Look at the two siblings – such a sweet little girl, with her hairbow and lace-up boots!  Notice the little one has a shawl or sweater around the shoulders.  Again, the eyes are wide in wonderment!  This photo was taken by F. C. Mader in Chillicothe, Ohio.

And, finally, this beautiful child in such a decorative chair!  Note the lace on the hem of the dress – and the ruffles around the upper and lower sleeves.

There are no names on these photos!  Such a shame!  Perhaps this will encourage us to look through our old photos and note the names of the individuals (if we know them!) or ask older relatives about photos of which we are unsure.  Let’s not let our photographs become nameless in the shuffle over time!

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