Family Stories

Pinkston – Parrish Marriage Certificate

William T. Pinkston and Belva A. Parrish were married January 19, 1882, in Washington County, Kentucky.  William was the son of John and Tabitha Pinkston.  Belva was the daughter of John Wesley Parrish and Elizabeth White – and the granddaughter of Samuel Riley White and Martha Lewis.  They had at least one son, Hugh L. Pinkston, born in June 1890.

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  1. Looks like on the certificate it is spelled Parish,though, does it look like it to you?,I’m olden,and due for new glasses soon..hee-hee… Our Pastor’s name is J.T. Parish… so I’m familiar with that spelling… when I looked at my maiden name which is Croley on Ancestry… I noticed there were some spelled Crowley…but in going all the way back to England in the line of decendants found that they had originally been Crowley’s…funny thing is that in high school I had a classmate who was a Crowley,with a first name the same as my sisters…so when ever she was sick,they came to ask me what was wrong ….

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