Family Stories

Wednesday Weddings – Washington County, Kentucky

Wednesday Weddings – Washington County, Kentucky

Peter Shaver married Susanna Cox 12 Dec 1796
William Catlin married Minta Sapp 12 Dec 1806
John Cooley married Mahala Hardwick 12 Dec 1807
David Covert married Mary Morgan 12 Dec 1809
Hugh Hicklin married Betsy Olive 12 Dec 1809
John W. Hundley married Nancy Robbins 12 Dec 1811
James Grigsby married Jane Keeling 12 Dec 1812
Smith Batsel married Elizabeth P. Brown 12 Dec 1816
Buford Cowherd married Mrs. Margaret Bigger 12 Dec 1822
William Mann married Vicy Bates 12 Dec 1822
James Ward married Susan Moore 12 Dec 1825
James W. Deacon married Lucinda Thompson 12 Dec 1831
Harrison Hays married Nancy McCarty 12 Dec 1831
Thomas Thurman married Malinda Mary Thurman 12 Dec 1831
William W. Williams married Elizabeth Smith 12 Dec 1831
William Wooley married Elizabeth Wooley 12 Dec 1833
William C. Hoskins married Sally Rutherford 12 Dec 1852
Robert McMeyers married Mary E. Purcell 12 Dec 1854
S. T. Young married Lucinda E. Gabhart 12 Dec 1866
Oliver S. Crouch married Betty A. Bailey 12 Dec 1870
John D. Keeling married Jane R. White 12 Dec 1872
Daniel Edelen married Julia Crawford 12 Dec 1876
Joseph McIntire married Eliza Smith 12 Dec 1876
H. P. Cox married Obie Wycoff 12 Dec 1877
Joseph A. Goodlett married Alice Ann Riley 12 Dec 1878

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