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Mystery Photos


Once again I have old photos to share with you – no names on any of them.  The first is a lovely young woman – I especially love her dress and and collar.  Although, I’m not sure what is at the back of her head – could it be a comb in her hair?  Or part of the headstand that many photographers used?  What do you think?  This photo was taken by Henry & Lainer Photographic Art Gallery at No. 102 West Fifth Street, Near Vine, Cincinnati.


This gentleman is quite the looker!  But check out his hair cut – he looks more modern than of the early 20th century!  He also has a very smart tie and pin.  There is nothing on the photo to give us clues as to his name or where the photo was taken.


I find this next photo interesting in several ways.  First, and foremost, the lady has a hand-painted coloring on her cheeks!  And I love her hair!  And her dangly earrings!  It’s hard to guess at the year of the photograph since her full dress is not shown, but my guess would be late 1860’s – 1870’s.  On the back of the photo it lists Dean and Thompson, Photographers, Winchester, Indiana.


This last little girl is just as precious as can be!  Quite the cutey sitting on the arm of the chair!  It lists Weller Studios, Washington and Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, on the back.

All old photos are important.  They are a link to the past.  Hopefully one of you will recognize one of your ancestors in these faces!

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