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Mystery Photo and Note


Today I have a photo to share with you – it is not in good condition.  There are stains and watermarks – the edges are curled on one corner.  A man stands in the center, his wife is seated on his right, his mother seated on his left, and the son stands on the other side of his mother.  These are very solemn people!  But I suppose that does not say much since most pictures do not reveal smiling faces, but a more serious tone!  Notice the wife’s dress – the ruffles and decorative touches.


On the back of the photo is a message written in a language I do not know.  This leads me to believe these people were immigrants – but from which country?  The words and letters are hard enough to make out simply because the writing is old and faded.  If you will notice there several different markings above some of the letters and words – which may help identify which language it is written in.  I can make out the names Carl and Fritz.  Through a google search I found that the word ‘moin’ could be low German or Danish.  Since German doesn’t have quite as many markings as on the back of this card – it only has the umlaut – I would lean toward this being being Danish.  But that is by no means conclusive.  Do any of you know which language this was written in?

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  1. I took this photo email to my step father-in-law. He is a 91 yr old, retired Army Colonel that served in many wars and knows German from his military service. His great grandfather emigrated from Germany. He married a Dant from Marion Co then later married my mother-in-law who was first married to a Wathen (first spouses of both are actually fifth cousins once removed).

    He couldn’t figure out any of the words. He got out his magnifying glass even though I blew it up on the computer screen. He feels it is Flemish. I know that doesn’t help you with the identification but wanted you to know that someone out here getting your messages was trying!

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