Family Stories

St. Vincent De Paul Baptisms

St. Vincent De Paul Baptisms

Nelson County, Kentucky

Baptized  August 7, 1886, Marion Demetrius Head, son of William Head and Anne Carrico, born July 20, 1886.  Sponsor, Mrs. Joe Elder.

Baptized August 8, 1886, Lilly Frances Bell, daughter of Louis Bell and Eliza Lewis, born Mary 18, 1886.  Sponsor, Rebecca Bell.

Baptized August 16, 1886, Mary Felitia Hagan, daughter of Edward Hagan and Annie Barry, born August 14, 1886.  Sponsors, Annie Hagan and J. McSherry.

Baptized August 21, 1886, Bernard V. Redmond, son of Joseph Remond and Cordelia Masterson, born Jun 26, 1886.  Sponsor, Alice Redmond.

Baptized August 25, 1886, Mary Florentia Bowling, daughter of John Bowling and Alice Burch, born August 24, 1886.  Sponsors, Martin McGee and Alice G. Hagan.

Baptized August 29, 1886, Mary E. Brown, daughter of Alex Brown and Mary P. Clark, born August 8, 1886.  Sponsor, Elizabeth Clark.

Baptized September 19, 1886, Richard David O’Brien, son of D. W. O’Brien and Mary Brady, born August 13, 1886.  Sponsor, Emma Brady.

Baptized September 22, 1886, Mary Helen Hagan, daughter of John Hagan and Alice Watson, born August 26, 1886.  Sponsor, Annie Watson.

Baptized September 22, 1886, Margaret Willett Linton, daughter of George Willett and Nancy Hancock, born March 5, 1830.  Sponsor, Eliza Masterson.

Baptized September 23, 1886, Ernest Dehan Hines, son of Ernest Hines and Teresa Morris, born August 16, 1883.  Sponsor, Eva Ann Lucas.

Baptized September 24, 1886, Lucy Stiles Bell, daughter of Jordan Stiles and Susan Welles, born August 9, 1819.  Sponsor, Louisa Miles.

Baptized September 24, 1886, Elizabeth Cravens, daughter of Solomon Cravens and Elizabeth Miller, born December 29, 1829.  Sponsor, Mrs. William Head.

Baptized September 26, 1886, Charles H. Blair, son of Hardin and Mandy Blair, born January 8, 1881.  Sponsor, Tiny Jarboe.

Baptized October 30, 1886, Ernest Bernard Hagan, son of Ernest Hagan and Emma Masterson.  Sponsors, Helen Cheshire and M. O’Brien.

Baptized November 13, 1886, George Francis Davis, son of Reif Davis and Elizabeth Newton, born November 10, 1886.  Sponsor, Mary R. Davis.

Baptized December 6, 1886, Robert Hilary Bell, son of Moses Bell and Sallie Hamilton, born September 30, 1886.  Sponsor, Mrs. Mary Miles.

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