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Thomas L. McKee Biography

from Biographical Sketches of Anderson County, Kentucky

Thomas L. McKee

Mrs. Phoebe McKee, the widow of a Revolutionary soldier, emigrated from Virginia in 1808, settled in Anderson County, then Franklin, located on Salt River, about three miles west of Lawrenceburg, and engaged in farming.  She had two sons:  John and Henry, and three daughters, one of whom married Larry Wilson, of Woodford County.  Henry, the father of Thomas L. McKee was born in Virginia in 1791, and married Permelia Wash, of Anderson County.  He was a soldier in the War of 1812, and served under Captain Ellison, of Anderson County.  He died in 1852; his widow died in 1879.  They had twelve children:  Benjamin, John A., Allen S., William, James O., Martha (Mrs. Thomas Wilson), Henry, Thomas L., Virgil, Walker, Miles and Robert.  Thomas L. McKee was born October 23, 1829, reared in Anderson County, and received his education in the common schools.  At twenty-one he engaged in dealing in horses and mules, with his headquarters at Clifton, Louisiana, continuing in that business until 1882, and was also engaged in Anderson County in general farming on 1,000 acres, and in raising all kinds of stock for the southern business.  Mr. McKee’s farm was located at that time on Salt River, about one mile from his present home, to which he removed in 1882, where he permanently settled in Anderson County about two miles and a half from Lawrenceburg, and where he is engaged in general farming on 800 acres.  He married, in May, 1886, Mrs. Lou (Mundy) Cole, daughter of Squire William Mundy, of Anderson County.

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  1. In an application I am having a problem getting conclusive evidence that William born in Dec 1820 was the son of Henry and Permelia. This was part of my evidence.

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