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Lost and Found Photos

I have four more old photos to share with you today.  These were finds in a Cincinnati antique mall.  The photos represent a variety of subjects.


These two gentleman had their photo taken by Matt Loderback in Ishpeming, Michigan.  They look like travelers.  Were they business men coming through town?  Or perhaps they were heading for a fishing trip.  I suppose we will never know.  No names on the back of the photo.


This beautiful young lady looks as if she’s ready for a picnic – parasol and hat in hand!  I love her rather unruly mop of curls!  Her white dress is rather unusual with the overskirt and pleated underskirt.  The photo was taken by Wyatt in Brattleboro, Vermont.


Look at this darling little one!  What a precious child!  Notice the small bell held in her hands – too much temptation not to ring.  That portion of the photo is just a bit blurred!  The white lace collar is beautiful – could it have been made by a loving mother or grandmother?  This photo was taken by Burkholder, Palace Art Gallery, Mount Vernon, Ohio.


The last photo is one of my favorites – a little granny – with a smile on her face!  She reminds me of my Grandmother Hill.  The sleeves are indicative of the early 1890’s – not quite the huge leg of mutton sleeves later in the decade.  She is such a pleasant looking woman – wouldn’t it be nice to know her, be able to have a conversation with her?  The photo was taken by Jones in Columbia City, Indiana.

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