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A Parade of Hats!


This lovely lady is quite fashionable in her hat, with feathered plumes, set at a jaunty angle! The upper bodice with black lace is very nice. Unfortunately this photo has been trimmed – the only thing on back is 878 Eighth Avenue. I can see Mrs. written in the very corner! We would have known her name! Ah, well, it’s a gorgeous photo!


How beautiful! This lovely woman is dressed to perfection! Her hat – with its huge feather across the top; her blouse – the full sleeves, collar and overlay; her gloves and parasol – and even her skirt. We do not know her name, but the photo was taken by Notel & Deike, Hannover – Linden, Deister – Str. 1, Germany.


Such a beautiful woman – such a fantastic hat! This is a post card photo – probably from the very early 1900’s. No name or place listed. Enjoy!


I love this photo of the mother and little girl, decked out in their hats and warm coats to keep away the cold! We should still wear muffs! Don’t you love that this picture was taken outside? This is a post card photo – in the address section it says Miss Mertyl Bechtol. And Ada Eby is written in the corner.


Don’t you love this photo? It’s very tiny – 1 1/2 x 3 1/4. This gorgeous woman has a beautiful hat and traveling clothes. And there’s a hint of a smile! No name, no place.


This woman’s leg-o-mutton sleeves leave no doubt as to the date of this photo – 1895-1898! She is quite the fashion plate – but it looks as if her hat my fly away! This photo was taken by Russell Photographers, 109 W. Lexington Street, Baltimore, Maryland.


How about this beautiful lady in her furs? I simply love the hat! Unfortunately there is no name, not even where the photo was taken, listed on the back! This photo is in very good condition and is still vibrant and clear.

Which is your favorite?

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  1. My favorite hat was No. 1. One of my Great Aunts used to design and sell some of the prettiest hats. I will find her picture and sent it to you.
    Dottie Porter Himes.

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