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Children – Old Photos of Little Ones


Looks at these adorable children!  Both so precious!  Such little ones for such a big chair!  No names, but the photo was taken at Winthrop & Gibbon, Ostrom, Minnesota.  I always wonder how photos like this could be found in an antique shop – not cherished by the family!


These two charming girls make such a wonderful picture – I couldn’t pass this one!  It’s one of my favorites!  They seem so sad.  Look at their beautiful curls, white dress and hair bows.  I wish we knew their names!


What a sweet little one!  Such beautiful features – look at those eyes and lips!  Lovely dress, too.  No name, no place.


Isn’t this an adorable little boy?  Lawrence Heather Burns is 3 1/2 years old in this picture that was taken by Hall and Co. at 306 Main Street, Buffalo, NY.  don’t you love the pleats on his collar and cuffs?

After this photo was published on my Facebook page I was given information that Lawrence’s parents were Millard Shelton Burns and Annie Heather – his mother was from Scotland.  I love getting new information on anything I post!

If anyone has information on the people in any of these photos please contact me!

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