Family Stories

Little Ones – Old Photos


Today I am sharing some of my old photos of little ones.  Babies are always sweet, but this particular child is beautiful!  Don’t you enjoy seeing the old christening gowns?  More dress than baby!  There is no information on this photo about place taken or name of child.


Look at this little girl!  So charming!  I love the innocence of young ones!  Again, no names on the photo, but I would estimate it was taken between 1910 and 1920.


Look at this handsome young family!  Their clothes are very nice – notice the ribbons, or ruffles on each side of the baby’s face – and the little bracelet on her left wrist.  Such a precious little one, such a precious family!  The photo was taken at The Longdon Studio, but there is no place given – and no names for the family.


This next little guy looks horribly uncomfortable!  May I introduce Robert Junior Butler, aged four weeks and three days!  That’s not old enough to be able to hold up his head!  The photo was taken at Rensler’s, Court & Vine, Palace Hotel Building, Cincinnati, Ohio.


And the last photo is this adorable little boy – with all his ruffles and bows and boots and knee britches!  Isn’t he cute?  It was taken in Omaha, Nebraska, by The Famous H.S.

All these photos are so cute – hard to imagine someone could give them away!  But at least I can share them with you!

Any thoughts?

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