Elmina Caroline Phillips McIntosh


One of the photographs we found while on our genealogy travels the end of March.  Don’t you love a photo that has, not only the name, but the maiden name, also!  Elmina Caroline Phillips McIntosh – what a grand name, and with Elmina as a first name, not that ordinary!  I put a search in ancestry.com and what did I find?  Elmina, living in Barrington, Illinois, just as listed on the back of the photo!

Elmina was born March 16, 1824, to Reuel Phillips, Jr., and Sarah Landers.  Reuel was from Connecticut and Sarah from New York.  Elmina married Millius Benjamin McIntosh in 1846.  He was born January 6, 1817, in New York, also.  In the 1850 census they are listed in Guilderland, Albany County, New York, but in the 1870 census they are in Barrington,  Cook County, Illinois, where they remain until their deaths.

As always, so much can be learned from the census records.  In 1900, still living in Cook County, Elmina and Millius are listed as having been married 54 years.  Of the 8 children they had only three were still living – Emma Jane, M. Clark and F. W.  Millius’ father was born in New York, while his mother was born in New Hampshire.

Elmina and Millius both died in the year 1908 – she on May 22nd at the age of 84 – and he on August 30th at the age of 91.

I believe the photo was taken about 1870.  It is a CDV or carte-de-visite photo, 2 1/2 x 4 inches, popular around the time of the Civil War and into the very early 1870’s.

2 thoughts on “Elmina Caroline Phillips McIntosh”

  1. Millius’s father, Alexander, was my 4th GG. His mother was Betsey Wood. Where did you find this photo? I am unclear whether this was just a unique find or you are related.

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