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Early 20th Century Photos


All the photos I am sharing with you today are 1900-1920 – or somewhere in that range.  Look at the gorgeous hair on this lovely young lady!  I’ve always loved the up-swept hair styles!  There is a very faint trademark imprint on the back that is partially overwritten with green ink.  I didn’t have tracing paper and crayon to make an impression, but I don’t think it is a place name.


This next photo was taken by Thuss in Nashville, Tennessee.  Such a handsome young man.  He looks very elegant in his white cravat and tie pin and starched collar.  Don’t you wish we knew his name?


This young couple make a handsome pair!  The lady’s jewelry add to the simplicity of her white dress.  Perhaps they are just starting their life together!  The photo was taken in Lewisburg, Tennessee.


This next little one just makes me smile – every time I look at this photo!  At first I thought he was a boy, now I’m not so sure – what do you think?  Love the hat!  The photo was taken by Hoddes Studios, but no clue as to place or name.


This very elegant woman had her photo taken by Miller Photographers in Toronto, Canada.  Her dress has ruffles and lace, and simple, but beautiful, jewelry.  Unfortunately we do not know her name.


This last photo is of a charming family – they all seem happy to have their photo taken!  The lace at the mother’s throat is exquisite – and the little girl’s curls are long and bouncy – love the way she has a hand resting on both parents!  And the little one is just a sweetheart!  The writing on back is difficult to read – it says Albert Cooper’s family – could be Copre, Cofre, etc.

Old photos give us a look into the past – and perhaps one day we will find YOUR ancestor!

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