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Today In Genealogy History – May 3

Moses Linton died 139 years ago – May 3, 1874 – in Nelson County, Kentucky.  Moses was the son of Benjamin Clark Linton and Ann Caroline Newton, born February 13, 1847, in Washington County, Kentucky.  I have no information on marriage.  Moses’ siblings were Frank, Benjamin Clark, John Wilfred, Martha Jane, John H., Thomas, John Edgar, Rolland T., Francis P., Martin, John and John M. Linton.

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  1. Good Morning Phyllis: Wondering if you have sources for the siblings of Moses Linton listed below. He is the half brother of my Susan (her mother was Martha E. Hays) and I am very interested in tracing these folks. I only had a total of 6 children listed for Benjamin Clark Linton and Ann Caroline Newton, but my children were taken off censuses so I could be missing children who were born and died between census dates. I had Susan’s parents wrong for so long because of so many Susan Lintons and you finally straightened this out for me some months ago. With so many Moses Lintons and Benjamin Lintons, I want to be sure they are not confused somehow. For Benjamin Clark Linton and Martha Hays I have 4 children: Susan Ann, Mary Elizabeth, William Alphonsus and James Fenton. But I have always felt like something was wrong there. Benjamin and Martha were married in Apr 1828. My Susan was born in Oct 1829 so that make sense, but then the next three I show born in 1837, 1838 and 1839. So that would mean 8 years between Susan and Mary Elizabeth. I can’t believe that happened either. Do you know if Benjamin Clark Linton had his children baptized somewhere? I may pay someone to research this if he did. Hope you are having a good day. We had 2-3 inches of snow last night. It snowed all afternoon and all night last night here in Kansas City. Crazy weather for May! Valerie Auld

    • Valerie, I have James Fenton Linton born January 20, 1839, died May 24, 1899, in Vanderburg County, Indiana. There is an infant of Benjamin C. Linton and Martha E. Hayes buried at St. Rose Church Cemetery, Washington County, Kentucky, August 8, 1840. Martha died June 29, 1840 – most likely due to childbirth, and the baby lived only six weeks more.

      As for the children of Benjamin and Ann Caroline Newton. Benjamin Clark Linton was born in 1845, and was baptized at St. Rose Church October 31, 1845. Moses was born February 13, 1847, died May 3, 1874, in Nelson County, baptized at St. Rose Church April 26, 1847. John Wilfred Linton was born January 3, 1849, baptized June 20, 1849, at St. Rose. Martha Jane was born December 13, 1850, baptized at St. Rose December 23, 1850. Thomas was born in 1855, baptized at St. Rose December 25, 1870. That is what the record says – I don’t know why there was so much time between birth and baptism. I believe the other children listed were from census records – but now that I am checking into this they must have been nephews or cousins. The Linton family was quite famous for living with different families.

      I hope this helps!

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