Laura E. McCoun


from The Harrodsburg Herald, Mercer County, Kentucky

Wednesday, May 12, 1897

Laura McCoun, one of the most highly esteemed and popular ladies of our town, was called Friday, May 7, at 1 a.m., to enter a “mansion not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.”  She had been for years an asthmatic with a title to consumption, but was apparently as well as usual until a few days before she died.  After the physician made his first visit she called a friend to the bedside, told her she would die soon and then went on to arrange for the funeral, telling her just what kind of robe, casket, etc.  Just before death she called each member of the family, bade them adieu and requested them to meet her in heaven.  The funeral services were conducted at the house by Dr. Vaughan, and finished at the grave by Rev. Taylor.  Interment at Providence Cemetery.

Laura E., daughter of Ebenezer and Catherine McCoun, born June 3, 1842, died May 7, 1897

New Providence Presbyterian Cemetery, Mercer County, Kentucky

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