Family Stories

Marriages from Mercer County, Kentucky

Mercer County, Kentucky – Marriages

Robert H. Coke married Elizabeth Hawkins, bondsman Thomas A. Hawkins who says his sister is upwards of 21, bond 03 Apr 1834
Robert Cole married Polly Gritton, bondsman John Gritton, bond 01 Oct 1833
Isaac Cole married Margaret A. Brown, bondsman Richard S. Patton, bride’s father Thomas Brown, witness James P. Bryan, bond 24 Jan 1839
John Cole married Rebecca Overstreet, bondsman Thomas Overstreet, bond 31 Oct 1837
Thomas C. Coleman married Mary Ellen Prather, bondsman John G. Handy, bride’s mother Elizabeth Prather, bond 13 Oct 1849
W. Linn Coleman married Mary C. McAfee, bondsman James C. McAfee, consent Robert B. McAfee, bond 17 May 1847
Basil W. Coleman married Mary Dedman, bondsman Meredith R. Coleman, bride’s father Philip P. Dedman, witnesses John Dedman and J. H. Coleman, bond 28 Nov 1832
Meredith R. Coleman married Susan Dedman, bondsman Philip P. Dedman, bond 30 Sep 1833
Pleasant Colley married Mary Jane Wood, bondsman James Wood, bond 14 Dec 1836
Harvey Collier married Artemeza Potts, bondsman Stanfield Jones, bride’s father Samuel Potts, witness David Hardesty, bond 08 May 1841
Mason Collier married Hannah Board, bondsman John L. May, bride’s father David Board, witness Nancy Low, bond 13 Nov 1844
William Collier married Sarah Ann Stevens, bondsman Warren Parker who states bride is over 21, bond 15 Aug 1845
William Collier married Betsey Burris, bondsman James May, bond 15 Jan 1831
Aaron Collier married Cerena Collier, bondsman William Montgomery who certifies bride’s age, bond 16 Oct 1836
Daniel Collier married Sarah Utley, bondsman Thomas Utley, bond 21 May 1845
Stephen Collier married Mary Ann Allin, bondsman Joseph C. Allin, bond 26 Sep 1849
William Collins married Elizabeth Rice, bondsman Frederick Yeiser who certifies bride’s age, bond 15 Sep 1832
Elisha Colvin married Margaret Curry, bondsman John Colvin, bride’s father James Curry, groom’s father John Colvin, witnesses Matthew Curry, James Donovan, John Colvin, Jr., Daniel Carey, Jr., bond 04 Feb 1836
Riley Colvin married Elizabeth Pinkston, bondsman Wiatt Pinkston, bond 19 Jan 1838
Elijah Colvin married Elizabeth Richardson, bondsman A. J. Hern, bride’s mother Elizabeth Hern, witnesses John Hooper and Jackson Simpson, bond 21 Dec 1841
Stephen Colvin married Lucy Moore, bondsman George Blackerby, bride’s father Joseph Moore, groom’s father Elijah Colvin, witnesses Harrison Moore, Joseph Moore, Jr., and Armstead Colvin, bond 04 Sep 1832
William Colvin married Letty Holt, bondsman Valentine Holt, bride’s father Absolom Holt, groom’s father John Colvin, witnesses William Holt, Reuben Hooper and T. B. Nichols, bond 04 Jun 1840
William Colvin married Catherine Ann Vanarsdall, bondsman John C. Vanarsdall, bond 10 Aug 1847

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