Family Stories

Nelson County Marriage Records

Marriage Records – Nelson County, Kentucky

James N. Ballard, age 19, single, married Rebecca Willett, age 19, single 13 Sep 1853
John D. Boler, age 29, single, married Eliza C. Holderman, age 25, single 08 May 1853
John H. Borders married Sarah Linton, bond by T. P. Eaton, married at St. Joseph Church, witnesses John Reardon and Julia Green, bond 26 Dec 1882 26 Dec 1882
Henry C. Brown, age 28, single, married Mary B. Brown, age 17, single, bond by Hector Brown, married at St. Joseph College, witnesses Moses Linton, Sarah B. Brown and William Anderson, bond 1 Jan 1872 02 Jan 1872
Henry O. Brown married Lucy Ann Gaither, d/o the widow Ann Gaither, surety James A. Gaither 03 Jun 1828
Evan Brown married Nancy Kendall, d/o of Celia Kendall, surety Bailey Kendall, consent filed with bond, witnesses Jeremiah Brown, Austin Cronn, Bailey Kendall 04 Apr 1811
Howard Brown married Margaret Greer, d/o the widow Rebecca Greer, surety Samuel Greer, consent filed with bond, witnesses James Greer and Samuel Greer 09 Apr 1822
James Brown married Nancy Barnes, d/o of Elijah Barnes, surety Daniel Brown, oath of James Barnes that Nancy Barnes is over the age of 21 years 12 Jun 1826
Hayden E. Brown married Letitia Mason, d/o Benjamin S. Mason, surety Benjamin S. Mason, consent for Hayden E. Brown signed by his mother, Anna Brown, witnesses I. M. McKay & S. A. Stone 15 Feb 1830
Daniel Brown married Catherine Meador, step-daughter of John Burnett, surety John Burnett, consent signed by Mary Burnett, witnesses John Burnett & George ? 17 Aug 1824
James Brown married Margaret Coleman, sister-in-law of Matthew Cain, surety John Brown, consent in which Matthew Cain says that the mother and father of Margaret Coleman are dead, witness Morris Miles 19 Sep 1796
Daniel Brown married Patsy Ross, d/o Joseph Ross, surety William Ross, consent filed with bond, witnesses William Ross & Isaac Ross 25 May 1812
Francis Brown married Catherine Monarch, d/o Elizabeth Monarch, surety John Greenwell, consent filed with bond, witness John Greenwell 26 Aug 1811
Frederick Brown married Mary Chenault, d/o Christopher Chenault, surety John Burnett 31 Mar 1819
Samuel Browning married Mary Fields, d/o Joseph Fields, bond 06 Jun 1815
James Burba, age 29, single, farmer, married Julia Mattingly, age 21, single, bond by Thomas Mattingly, married at St. Thomas, witnesses H. C. Bealmear and Amanda A. Payne, bond 6 Sep 1867 10 Sep 1867
John Burba married Jennie V. McCune at Chicago, KY, witnesses Moses Linton and Joan McCune 15 Mar 1875
John Benjamin Burba, age 28, single, farmer, married Mariah J. Linton, bond by James Hagan, married at Catholic Church at Gethsemani, witnesses Lillie Willett and John Mattingly, bond 13 Nov 1868 16 Nov 1868

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