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Squire David C. Smith Biography

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Squire David C. Smith was born July 9, 1829, on Little Barren River, in Barren (now Metcalfe) County, Kentucky; in 1832 removed with his parents to Indiana; in 1833 returned to Barren County, where he grew to manhood; in 1856 he located in Monroe County, and in 1863 settled in Metcalfe County, where he has since resided.  His father, Josiah Smith, a native of Barren County, died in 1843, at the age of forty-seven years.  He was the son of William Smith, who emigrated from east Tennessee to Barren County, and died about 1850, aged over seventy years.  Josiah Smith married Barbara, daughter of John Morehead, of Monroe County, and from their union sprang William, John, Rebecca (Murphey), George W., Almira (Parks), Squire David C. and James.  In 1852 Squire Smith married Martha A., daughter of Thomas and Polly (Deweese) Goodin, and to them have been born William W., Cassander T. (Anderson), James D., Rebecca (deceased), Susan (Bass), Martha A. (Brown), John, Josiah S., Melissa G., Sallie G. and Junius L.  Squire Smith was appointed magistrate and a member of the court of claims of Metcalfe County, for nine months, and at the end of the time was elected for a term of four years, which position he now retains.  He is a tobacco dealer and farmer, having 207 acres of well improved land.  He is a member of the Masonic fraternity; also a member of the Baptist Church, and in politics is a Republican.  John Morehead was a Revolutionary soldier.

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  1. I’m looking for any information on my grandfather’s family.His name was Joel Henery Curry.Father was William G,Curry and mother Lucy Bails.He had several brothers and sisters and was from Kentucky.My grandfather hopped a freight train and left home at a young age,possably in his early teens.Other than that I don’t know anything about his family.I would appreacate any information I could get.
    Thank you.

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