Family Stories

Washington County, Kentucky – Marriages

Wedding Bells Ring Today!!!!

September 30th – Washington County, Kentucky

Mark Crowdus married Rosanna Phillips 30 Sep 1813
John Corbett married Rachel Mattingly 30 Sep 1814
James Alvey married Susanna Alvey 30 Sep 1815
Squire Bates married Polly B. Nash 30 Sep 1816
Frederick Moore married Mary Sapp 30 Sep 1818
Jacob M. Barlow married Mary Barlow 30 Sep 1819
George Peak married Polly Ann Pirtle 30 Sep 1820
Charles Beall married Susan Rodman 30 Sep 1822
Davis Hardin married Eliza Webster 30 Sep 1824
Gabriel Wise married Mary Ann McBride 30 Sep 1826
Thomas Kidwell married Teresa Arvin 30 Sep 1834
Thomas Nall married Martha Wilson 30 Sep 1839
Simeon Fields married Louisa Mahoney 30 Sep 1841
Nicholas L. Clements married Eliza Ann Clements 30 Sep 1843
James F. Riley married Martha E. Herman 30 Sep 1850
David C. Breckenridge married Mary Lewis 30 Sep 1852
Edward G. Matherly married Martha Ann Fulkerson 30 Sep 1858
Robert Barker married Susan Hays 30 Sep 1862
George W. Tatum married Mary Brown 30 Sep 1868
Caleb G. Goff married Sarah C. Burns 30 Sep 1878
R. M. Jarboe married Annie B. Simms 30 Sep 1879
Robert Hodges married Bell Grundy 30 Sep 1880
Thomas S. Ransdell married Emma J. Wohner 30 Sep 1880
Zachariah Crow married Malinda S. Hawkins 30 Sep 1884
John Suttles married Mollie Noel 30 Sep 1886

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