Old Holy Name of Mary Cemetery


Old Holy Name of Mary Cemetery

Marion County, Kentucky

  • James E. Beaven, August 6, 1826 – July 10, 1880
  • Lou S. Beaven, March 12, 1852 – March 15, 1875, daughter of J. E. & M. E. Beaven
  • Mary E. Beaven, Mary 11, 1829 – June 15, 1872, wife of James E. Beaven
  • Ann Bickett, August 16, 1814 – October 20, 1833
  • Julia A. Bickett, March 23, 1804 – May 20, 1831
  • Ann Bland, February 3, 1788 – November 17, 1864


  • John Bland, 1798 – September 6, 1873
  • Lillie Bland, April 5, 1867 – January 9, 1883, daughter of H. B. & E. Bland


  • Mary Bland, May 28, 1804 – September 7, 1873, wife of John Bland
  • William B. Bowman, January 5, 1828 – May 14, 1833
  • Elizabeth Buckman, July 24, 1788 – February 10, 1831, daughter of R. & M. Abell
  • Stephen Buckman, December 26, 1845 – May 4, 1878


  • Thomas S. Byrnes, December 14, 1833 – December 3, 1868


  • John Caffey, September 13, 1798 – August 6, 1881
  • Mrs. Harriett Caldwell, August 28, 1800 – September 14, 1852
  • Sarah Caldwell, August 23, 1834 – September 3, 1852
  • Teroht Caldwell, March 23, 1793 – December 1, 1868
  • Elizabeth Calhoun, 1770 – July 28, 1853
  • Felix Bernard Carter, October 16, 1859 – March 21, 1861
  • George W. Carter, May 10, 1807 – April 30, 1860


  • William Charlton, 1796 – July 22, 1852
  • Belinda F. Clark, July 26, 1795 – December 26, 1836


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  1. Can you tell us about this last picture of flat tombstones with a chain around them? thank you very much Dottie Porter Himes

  2. Phyllis thanks once again for sending the older post on Old Holy Name of Mary Cemetery. I can tell how much both you and your husband enjoy the search of old cemeteries, and it makes it so great for those of us who live too far away. When my parents made many trips back to KY, I was about ten and of course, was not interested. Now thru your trips and your eyes and your great pictures, I can enjoy the tombstones of many of my parents relatives. I can never thank you enough. Dottie Porter Himes, Corpus Christi, TX

  3. I am descended From Col. Abraham Bowman, 8th Va. Regiment, Revolutionary war , and an early settler of Kentucky. His Great grandson, George Washington Bowman, who was my Great Grandfather, was also in General Morgans 2nd Kentucky Cavalry, and was one of Morgans Raiders. He had 3 brothers who served with him in Morgans command, and I have a tintype photo of the era, of my G.Grandfather with his 3 brothers who served with him. The William Bowman listed in this post as being in Holy Mary Cemetery must be an uncle of theirs, and brother to their father, Royal Marshall Bowman. Both Royal Marshall Bowman and his son George Washington Bowman were residents of Lebanon, Ky. This makes me an Nth cousin to any Bowman descendants, who may find their kin here. My fathers mother was Mary Elizabeth Bowman, late of Louisville, Ky.
    Mark Fowlkes
    Atlanta, Georgia

    • Hey Mark,
      I am a descendant of Royal Marshall Bowman and Mary Alethia Riney. I believe they are buried in St Augustine Cemetery in Lebanon, KY. They were my 3rd great grandparents. I descend from one of their younger sons, Prince Martin Bowman.
      If you or any other cousins that may want to email me can do so at Bri4Bri@aol.com

      New Orleans

      • Brian, I am very glad to E-meet you here on this website! You are the first Bowman cousin of mine, of any degree of relationship, that I have ever been made aware of, so this is a real first for me. I have other information to share with you, and some questions for you as well, and I will be contacting you very soon, as I am pressed for time at the moment. than you for responding to my post here.
        Mark Fowlkes

    • Mark please don’t forget to send an email, promise not to take too much of your time.

      Any other descendants around from the Benedict Spalding and Alethaire Abell or Mattingly, Bowman, Riney lines out of Marion Co, KY? love to touch base. anyone from these area that did any of the DNA testing sites? love to hear from ya. cheers, brian w.
      email: bri4bri@aol.com

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