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Marriages – Washington County, Kentucky

Marriages – Washington County, Kentucky

November 29th

Elisha Adams married Jenny Harberson 29 Nov 1796
George Collins married Susanna Kennett 29 Nov 1805
Elias Clark married Easter Lake 29 Nov 1806
Charles Thompson married Mary Alvey 29 Nov 1809
Thomas Head married Anne Ewing 29 Nov 1814
Jeremiah Schooling married Cynthia Young 29 Nov 1821
Leonard Mattingly married Dolley Thompson 29 Nov 1822
Jeremiah Tharp married Cynthia Brown 29 Nov 1830
Joseph L. Walker married Jemima Thomas 29 Nov 1830
Cornelius Rains married Julia H. Tarkington 29 Nov 1837
William Cocanougher married Elizabeth Young 29 Nov 1849
Hamilton Pope married Hetty H. Prather 29 Nov 1855
James A. Leathers married Joanna Yocum 29 Nov 1857
John A. Litterell married Manerva Gowen 29 Nov 1862
Peyton L. McMakin married Mary W. Litsey 29 Nov 1864
Thomas M. West married Nancy Jane Corn 29 Nov 1867
John Anderson married Annie Simms 29 Nov 1873
James S. Hawkins married Mary F. Gray 29 Nov 1877
William P. Smith married Mary L. Hendren 29 Nov 1877
Leonadas Turner married Susan Foster 29 Nov 1879
Sleet Chesser married Carrie Sea 29 Nov 1883
John Sparrow married Laura Isham 29 Nov 1883
George Cannon married Lucy Key 29 Nov 1887
Andrew J. Scrogham married Polly J. Durr 29 Nov 1888
John Logan married Laura Mitchell 29 Nov 1892

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