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Marion County, Kentucky – Births

Births – Marion County, Kentucky

Sarah E. Drury, d/o Isidore and Elizabeth Green Drury, residence on Hardins Creek 18 Aug 1852
Margaret J. Drury, d/o H. H. and Elizabeth Thomas Drury, residence on Hardins Creek 18 Feb 1852
James C. Duncan, s/o W. H. and Mary Daveroon Duncan, residence near Lebanon 1852
Mary E. Edelen, d/o James E. and Eliza Jane Brown Edelen, residence Arbuckle Creek 6 Jan 1852
Thomas Edmondson, s/o William and Martha J. Caneland Edmondson 4 Sep 1852
Ellen Emery, d/o John and Ellen Mattingly Emery 1 May 1852
Joseph H. England, s/o W. B. and Mary D. Fogle England 23 Oct 1852
William Ersey, s/o John and Elizabeth Colbert Ersey Sep 1852
John H. Ewing, s/o John and Eliza Abell Ewing, residence near Railey’s Mill 11 Aug 1852
James M. Ferrell, s/o James D. and Mary Green Ferrell Dec 1852
Hardin Floyd, s/o Zachariah and Mary J. Gregory Floyd 26 Apr 1852
Isabella C. Foreman, d/o H. M. and Letitia Bean Foreman 21 Apr 1852
James M. Funk, s/o Joseph and Necondo Buckhart Funk, residence near Melborns Mill 22 May 1852
William Gardner, s/o Solomon and Nancy Smith Gardner, residence on Hardins Creek 1852
Bethany Gardner, d/o Edmond and Henrietta Bullock Garnder, residence near Hardins Creek 2 Feb 1852
? Gartin, s/o Uriah and Elizabeth Green Gartin 10 Dec 1852
George A. Gartin, s/o A. J. and Rachel Yowell Gartin, residence near Bradfordsville 16 Feb 1852
James E. Glasscock, s/o Chaplin and Susan Hourigan Glasscock 26 Aug 1852
James E. Glasscock, s/o William and Chancy Pennington Glassock 26 Jun 1852
Malinda Glazebrook, d/o Stephen and M. White Glazebrook, residence near Bradfordsville 4 Oct 1852
Nancy M. Good, d/o Hiram and Nancy H. Minor Good 21 Feb 1852
George H. Green, s/o A. J. and Louise Carter Green, residence near Rolling Fork 5 Dec 1852
Mary E. Gribbins, d/o John and Mary Ellen Murphy Gribbins, residence Popes Creek 10 Feb 1852
Lucy Ann Hagan, d/o James and Susan Catlin Hagan 2 Mar 1852
Thomas J. Hamilton, s/o Richard and ? O’Daniel Hamilton, residence on Hardins Creek 1852
? Hamilton, d/o J. B. and Mary C. Wheatley Hamilton 11 Dec 1852
Charles S. Hamilton, s/o Charles A. and Mary Gumon Hamilton, residence near Hardin’s Creek 5 Aug 1852
Mary Ellen Harmon, d/o Samuel and Mary Arnold Harmon 27 Aug 1852
Mary C. Harmon, d/o Roland and Susan Gunter Harmon 8 Apr 1852
James H. Harmon, s/o William and Catherine Bottoms Harmon, born in Boyle County 8 Mar 1852
S. P. Hatlin, s/o James T. and Frances A. Elder Hatlin 7 Oct 1852
John F. Hays, s/o Addison and Nancy McCarter Hays 29 Mar 1852
Susan E. Hill, d/o B. F. and Susan M. Ingram Hill 18 Nov 1852
? Hill, d/o C. S. and Althaire Spalding Hill, residence near Lebanon 3 Jul 1852
? Hogland, s/o William and Sarah Cooper Hogland, residence near New Market 15 Aug 1852
Nancy E. Holden, d/o Valentine C. and Clara J. Welch Holden 7 Sep 1852
James P. Hourigan,s/o Rufus and Martha Pipes Hourigan 10 Nov 1852
William L. Howard, s/o John and Nancy Q. Pipes Howard, born near Haysville 27 Apr 1852
George W. Jarboe, s/o James and Ellen R. Vessels Jarboe, residence Medlock Creek 10 Apr 1852
Mary F. Jones, d/o John M. and Shinio Cass Jones 15 Nov 1852
George J. Kimberlain, s/o John and Margaret C. Moore Kimberlain 17 May 1852
Harvey Kimberlain, s/o Thomas F. and Elizabeth McElroy Kimberlain 23 Apr 1852
Eleanor Kimberlain, d/o Elimcus and Rachel P. Moore Kimberlain, residence near Melborns Mill 5 Oct 1852
William Knott, s/o William S. and Marian B. McElroy Knott, residence Lebanon 6 Dec 1852
Margaret E. Sapp, d/o Alexander and Lucinda Smith Lake 12 Jun 1852
Margaret A. F. Lanham, d/o Addison and Margaret Ann Ring Lanham 20 Mar 1852
? Lanham, s/o Peter and Mary Ann Molohon Lanham, stillborn, residence near Lanham’s Sawmill 25 Jul 1852
Martha C. Lankford, d/o James H. and Ann C. Brown Lankford 28 Dec 1852
Joel A. Lankford, s/o Joseph W. and Dicey B. Gregory Lankford 4 Mar 1852
Robert L. Lewis, s/o Thomas and Emeline Shively Lewis, residence Lebanon 30 Apr 1852
? Livers, d/o Samuel and Lydia Bodey Livers, stillborn 19 Dec 1852

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