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Today In Genealogy History – December 6

Ann Dunnington Lewis and Porterfield Hodges were married 181 years ago – December 6, 1832 – in Nelson County, Kentucky.  Ann was the daughter of William Linton Lewis and Ann Winter Dunnington.  Porterfield was the son of Samuel Hodges and Martha Shirley.  Ann and Porterfield had 6 children:  Martha Elizabeth, Francis Dunnington, William Lewis, Ann Eliza, George Samuel and John Pledge Hodges.

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  1. Hi, I descend from Elizabeth “Betsy” Massey (Hodges) and David Fisher, both born in the late 1790’s in Virginia. They married 12 October 1815 in Wayne Co., Indiana. Their first child’s name was John Pledge Fisher. Do you know of any connection to your Hodges?

    Debbie Engelking

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