Family Stories

Report Card – 1929-1930 School Year


During our tour of counties on Saturday, we stopped at a small antique store in Taylorsville, Spencer County, Kentucky.  I found a few photos, but was mesmerized by this old report card.  Dated 1929-1930 school year, it was from Harrison Township in Vigo County, Indiana, Rankin School.  Bernice Kading did very well in some subjects, but evidently arithmetic was her downfall!  Out of 180 days she missed just 3 – in the last session.  Mary K. Masselink was her teacher.


Mrs. E. F. Kading signed her daughter’s report card each session – was evidently displeased with the math grade!

Students were given grades for obedience, attention, industry and respect for property.  While I was in grade school I remember receiving grades for similar marks of citizenship.

Schools have changed greatly in the last twenty years or so – for the better or worse?  I’m sure that’s debatable!

Any thoughts?

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