Memorial Day – New Castle Cemetery


Memorial Day – a day to honor those who have given their lives that we can enjoy the freedoms they fought so very hard for.  Ritchey and I visited the small town of New Castle, Henry County, Kentucky, on Saturday, and were so impressed that for each soldier an American flag was flying beside his grave.  I share with you today a few of these photos.  Let’s salute these soldiers, and all who have fought for our country – some giving the supreme sacrifice.



Revolutionary War – Peter Foree.  1745 – March 20, 1844


War of 1812 – Colonel Abraham Owen – died March 10, 1819


Civil War – George M. Jessee, 1830-1896 Colonel, Confederate Army


Civil War – Elijah D. Robertson, Company A, 54 Kentucky Mounted Infantry


World War I – Corporal John C. Lowden, 1887-1919, Battery C, 475h Coast Artillery Corps


World War I – Joseph Zering Wright, Kentucky AMM 2 U.S.N.C. October 30, 1896 – Mary 31, 1946


Allen Wyant Gullion, Major General U.S.A. December 14, 1880 – June 19, 1946


World War II – Ray Louden, Kentucky, S2 US Navy, April 11, 1915 – August 28, 1970


Korean War – Gaines Moore, Sergeant, US Army, 1927-1978

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