A Beautiful Day at the Lexington Cemetery



‘A rose once grew where all could see, sheltered beside a garden wall.  And, as the days passed swiftly by, it spread its branches, straight and tall.’

On a beautiful day in April Ritchey and I visited the Lexington Cemetery, Fayette County, Kentucky.  It was a glorious day – tulips blooming, trees laden with blossoms of white, purple and pink.  So not only were there gravestones to photo – but the scenery also!


One of the famous persons buried in this cemetery is Henry Clay – the man who was Speaker of the House, senator, secretary of state, five time presidential candidate – but never president.  Clay married Lucretia Hart and together they had eleven children.


Earlier in the year I read Henry Clay – The Essential American by David S. Heidler and Jeanne T. Heidler.  I highly recommend it!


Dr. H. H. Sheppard, born August 18, 1797, died January 8, 1859.


Sampson Dots, born May 3, 1800, died March 25, 1863.


Mrs. Margaret R. Rodes, born June 4, 1799, died November 27, 1865.


Levi Todd Rodes, 1831-1890.  A relative of Mary Todd Lincoln.


Caroline V. Waters, born January 23, 1801, died April 7, 1876.


Maj. George Parke Richardson, born March 12, 1795, died July 16, 1851.

Sarah Ann McDougald, wife of George P. Richardson, born September 23, 1802, died March 5, 1875.

Georgia Richardson, died January 30, 1884.  ‘She hath done what she could.’


Livia H., wife of W. L. Gardner, born November 7, 1834, died February 21, 1864.

William L. Gardner, born March 27, 1836, died May 20, 1882.



Any thoughts?

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