Jackson Family Buried at Lexington Cemetery


Samuel G. Jackson, born October 1800, died December 13, 1853

Samuel Grant Jackson was born in Clark County, Kentucky, October 19, 1800, to Francis Flournoy Jackson and Sarah Grant.  He married Ann Shirley Mason January 4, 1824, in Montgomery County, Kentucky.  Together Samuel and Ann had ten children – seven listed in the 1850 Census of Fayette County, Kentucky.

Three children are buried in the Jackson family plot in the Lexington Cemetery, along with a granddaughter and her spouse.  The seven children not buried here are Ann, Samuel, Caroline, Lewis, William, Elizabeth And Sara Jackson.

Photos were taken April 23rd of this year – it was a glorious spring!


Ann S. Jackson, born June 12, 1800, died November 27, 1883



James F. Jackson, born August 25, 1828, died November 13, 1862



Israel Jackson, born March 22, 1837, died March 8, 1852



Mary Huston Jackson Mulligan, wife of James H. Mulligan, born June 10, 1848, died April 10, 1876



Alice Shirley Mulligan Molloy, wife of Patrick H. Molloy,   November 7, 1871 – August 4, 1941



Patrick Henry Molloy, May 29, 1850 – July 21, 1926


Jackson Family Plot

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  1. Sarah Grant Jackson was the daughter of William Grant and his wife, Elizabeth Boone, a sister to Daniel Boone.

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