Bryan-Cartmell Family – Lexington Cemetery

IMG_1435The Lexington Cemetery has so much history buried in its grounds!  Today I will introduce you to the Bryan-Cartmell family.  After looking through the photos of the large stone, and smaller, individual stones surrounding it, I realized that Joseph Bryan, Sr., must have erected the large stone towards the end of his life.  For one thing, there is no death date for him on the large stone – as there is on his small stone in front.  Joseph was almost 90 years of age when he died in August of 1887.  He had lived through so much history, and his family had been a big part of it!  He was related to Daniel Boone!  And his grandfather was the first to settle in the area known as Bryan Station in Fayette County.  I believe he used this stone to bring all that rich history together.  Two sides of the large stone are dedicated to the past – his parents, and his twin brother and sister who died young; the present being the panel represented by himself and his wife, Margaret; and the future – his list of children and their spouses.

IMG_1437Joseph Bryan, Sr., and Margaret Cartmell are buried in front of the large stone, as you can see from the first photo.  Joseph was born October 30, 1797, in Rowan County, Kentucky.  He married Margaret February 11, 1823, in Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky.  She was born in Jessamine County, February 9, 1804, the daughter of Elijah and Mary Cartwell

IMG_1446Joseph Bryan, Sr., October 30, 1797 – August 6, 1887

IMG_1447Margaret C., wife of Joseph Bryan, Sr., February 9, 1804 – September 29, 1874

In the first photo, at the back of the larger stone, you can see the grave site of Joseph’s father, Daniel Boone Bryan, Sr., and mother, Elizabeth Turner.

IMG_1439Daniel Bryan, Sr., nephew of Colonel Daniel Boone, son of the first settler of Bryan Station, born February 10, 1758, died February 28, 1845.  Elizabeth, wife of Daniel Bryan, Sr., born November 13, 1761, died January 29, 1833. 

The father of Daniel Boone Bryan, Sr., first settler of Bryan Station, was Captain William Bryan, grandfather to Joseph.

IMG_1440Daniel Bryan, Jr., born June 15, 1791, died July 12, 1822

Elizabeth Vardeman, twin sister of Daniel Bryan, Jr., died September 27, 1822

Joseph Bryan, Sr., had a twin brother and sister who died young – each only 18 years of age, within a couple of months of each other.  What could have caused their deaths?  The cholera epidemic wasn’t until 1833.  But any number of illnesses could have taken them.  This side of the large memorial is dedicated to them.

IMG_1457Elijah Cartmell, born February 25, 1763, died August 26, 1831

Mary, wife of Elijah Cartmell, died August 8, 1832, aged 57 years

Elijah and Mary Cartmell were the parents of Margaret Cartmell who married Joseph Bryan, Sr.  Margaret’s sister, Mary Cartmell, married her husband’s brother, Lewis Bryan.

IMG_1438The children of Joseph Bryan, Sr., and Margaret Cartmell, were Elijah Cartmell Bryan and his wife Lucy J.; Daniel Boone Bryan, Jr., and wife Sarah; Mary C. Bryan and husband Dr. H. B. Blackburn, Theodore W. Bryan who died at the age of 5; and Joseph Henry Bryan and wife Mary G.  Some of their gravestones are pictured below:

IMG_1443Lucy Kay Bryan, wife of Elijah Cartmell Bryan, born November 7, 1830, died April 14, 1881.  A good woman.

IMG_1444Elijah C. Bryan, born December 5, 1823, died June 30, 1890.  A good man.

IMG_1448Mary C., wife of Dr. H. C. Blackburn, born March 14, 1828, died August 15, 1871.  “Our babe was laid in earth fourteen years before I did; And now slumbers sweetly by my side.”

Mary, the daughter of Joseph and Margaret Bryan, is buried at the side of her mother.

IMG_1450Henry B. Blackburn, born March 26, 1825, entered into rest, September 12, 1884

 So are the remains of a pioneering family.  We all have our place in history – let’s just live it to the fullest!

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  1. My name is Donna Hewett. I am the president of the nonprofit Friends of Cartmell House. Your story is amazingly accurate, but I have much to add. Thank you for all of your documented work. I would love for you to visit snd see out 1795 house. There are several articles that I can forward to you, if interested.

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