Versailles Cemetery – Sanders/Haupt/Amsden Families

IMG_1376Versailles Cemetery – Woodford County, Kentucky

In April Ritchey and I visited the Versailles Cemetery in Woodford County, Kentucky.  In a plot surrounded by shrubs are eight beautiful gravestones – all in the shape of a cross.  This intrigued me so I had to get to know this family!  The first person buried in the plot was Lewis Sanders, 1826-1871.  He is at the back of the row of on the left.  Next to him is Margaret Sanders, 1804-1878.  A little old to be his wife, so I did a bit of research on Ancestry.com.  This Lewis Sanders is a son of Margaret.  Her husband, Lewis Sanders, Sr., died in 1864 in San Francisco, California.  Was his body brought back to Kentucky?  Since there is not an individual stone for him I would guess not.  Also, since the son, Lewis Sanders, was buried first, the plot most likely was not purchased until that time.


Lewis Sanders, born in Franklin County, Kentucky, November 7, 1826, died July 2, 1871

Lewis also died in San Francisco, California.  The 1860 census of Sacramento, California, shows the family living there – parents Lewis and Margaret, children Lewis, Jr., Laura E., Mart and Ezra Emma.  Many of the other children were married at this time.  Lewis Sanders is an attorney, as well as his son, Lewis.  Son Mart is a cadet.  Three of the children were born in Mississippi, evidently the family lived there at an earlier date.  Daughter Edith is living in the household with husband Abner C. Hunter, a broker, and their child, one-year-old Daisy.  A Belle S. Hunter lives in the household – perhaps a sister to Abner?  And six servants round out the total number of sixteen.  Included as one of the servants is Joseph Haggin, an Indian (not native American).  The 1870 census of Woodford County, Kentucky, lists Margaret and her youngest child, daughter Lou, back in Kentucky.  Evidently son Lewis Sanders’ body was brought back to Kentucky for burial.

IMG_1370Margaret H. Sanders, born September 4, 1804, died June 13, 1878

Margaret Hubbel Price, daughter of John Price and Susan Gano, married Lewis H. Sanders February 21, 1821, at the age of 16.  Lewis, born November 21, 1796, to Nathaniel and Sarah Sanders, died July 25, 1864.  According to Ancestry thirteen children were born to Lewis and Margaret:  Eliza Jane, John Price, Lewis, Jr., Edward Johnson, Susan Gano, William Price, Lemuel, Mary Wilson, Evan Price, Edith A., Mart, Laura Eldridge, Emma Ezra and Lou Sanders.

IMG_1368In loving memory of John Sanders, only son of James P. and Laura E. Amsden, born October 13, 1883, died February 21, 1899

John Sanders, grandson of Lewis Sanders, Sr., and Margaret Hubbel Price.  John Sanders’ parents are also buried in this plot, Laura Eldridge Sanders and James P. Amsden, along with two of his sisters, Jean Amsden and Margaret Voorhies, Laura’s daughter from her first husband, George Voorhies.

IMG_1375Laura E. Sanders, wife of James P. Amsden, November 18, 1844 – February 25, 1929

Laura Sanders, daughter of Lewis Sanders, Sr., and Margaret Hubbel Price.

IMG_1374James P. Amsden, January 15, 1847 – October 29, 1906

IMG_1373Jean Amsden, wife of William M. Haupt, February 5, 1880 – September 28, 1966

Jean Amsden, daughter of Laura E. Sanders and James P. Amsden, granddaughter of Lewis Sanders, Sr., and Margaret Hubbel Price.

IMG_1372William M. Haupt, April 1, 1880 – September 26, 1957

IMG_1367 2Margaret Voorhies, wife of James B. Haggin, June 13, 1869 – June 8, 1965

Margaret Voorhies, daughter of Laura Sanders and George Voorhies, granddaughter of Lewis Sanders, Sr., and Margaret Hubbel Price.  An interesting fact about Margaret’s husband, James B. Haggin.  He was born in Mercer County, Kentucky, December 9, 1826, was a well-known doctor, and our hospital in Harrodsburg is named for him!  Amazing the connections you find doing research!  What have you found recently?

Any thoughts?

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