Family Stories

Professor W. B. Wylie Biography

from Perrin’s County of Warren, Kentucky, Historical and Biographical, 1884

Professor W. B. Wylie, superintendent of the Bowling Green public schools and one of the most distinguished educators and graded school disciplinarians of Kentucky, is a native of Brown County, Ohio, and was born May 14, 1853. He is a son of Dr. T. B. and Sarah (Cook) Wylie, and is of Scotch extraction. The father was born in Washington County, Pennsylvania, in 1811, and his mother, a representative of one of the early families of Kentucky, was born at Frankfort in 1819. The Cook family came originally from Virginia to this state. The maternal grandfather of Professor Wylie was Hosea Cook, a Virginian, and was killed by the Indians in 1792. His wife escaped after having a severe battle with the Indians, one of whom she killed with the rifle of her dead husband. Professor Wylie was educated in the public graded schools of Ripley, Ohio, and also the high school of that city, being a regular pupil of these schools for eleven years. He subsequently took a course at Nelson’s Commercial and Business institute at Cincinnati. Professor Wylie belongs to a family of physicians, and it was his intention in early life to master the study of medicine and read under his brother, Dr. J. L. Wylie, at Ripley, Ohio. In the fall of 1872 he organized a graded school at Levanna, Ohio, and there remained four years. After teaching in the Ripley graded schools some time he received a call to Ashland, Kentucky, where he organized the present graded schools of that city, and remained the superintendent of them for six years. In January, 1882, he came to Bowling Green, Kentucky, and organized the Bowling Green graded schools, in the establishment and organization of which there were many and what seemed to be insurmountable obstacles; and had it not been for the untiring energy of a few men, the schools never would have been established. Under the supervision of Professor Wylie success has been attained, and now the schools are the pride of the city and county, and the system is unexcelled by that of any in the state.

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