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Nathan Lawson – Mary Hill Marriage


Marriage License – The Commonwealth of Kentucky

To any Minister of the Gospel, or other Person, legally authorized to solemnize Matrimony.  You are permitted to solemnize the Rites of Matrimony between Nathan Lawson and Mary Hill, the requirements of the law having been complied with.  Witness my signature, as Clerk of the Washington County Court, this 23rd day of February, 1853.  John B. Sturr, Clerk

Scan_Pic0180Certificate of Marriage

This is to Certify, That on the 24th day of February, 1853, the Rites of Marriage were legally solemnized by me, between Nathan Lawson and Mary Hill, at Jane Hill’s, in the County of Washington, in the presence of Jackson Sinclair and Daniel Duggins.               Signed Daniel Burnes


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  1. Hello Phyllis…Thank you for posting the License and Certificate of Marriage between Nathan Lawson and Mary L. Hill. These are my ancestors through my mother’s side of my family…BRASIER. Daughter of Nathan Lawson and Mary Hill namely Josephine Lawson was my Grandfather’s Mother. A.J. Brasier, husband of Josephine Lawson, lived in later days in Claremore, Oklahoma where Mary Hill and Josephine Lawson Brasier are buried.

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