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Births – Ballard County, Kentucky

Births – Ballard County, Kentucky

  • Henry Bodkin, male, born November 15, 1852, son of Daniel and Eliza Bodkin
  • Not named, male, born March 20, 1852, son of Silas Underwood and Sarah Harper
  • George M. Belcher, male, born March 11, 1852, son of John T. Belcher and Sina Rudd
  • William T. Reeves, male, born February 6, 1852, son of Jonathan Reeves and S. Carey
  • Not named, male, born December 1852, owner George Hobbs, mother’s name not given, black
  • Not named, female, born July 1582, owner George Hobbs, mother’s name not given, black
  • John H. Rose, male, born March 24, 1852, son of Kindred C. Rose and Arena Adams
  • Roth R. MacGruder, male, born September 23, 1852, son of Barrett D. MacGruder and Emily Burkhead
  • Anterik Jones, female, born April 10, 1852, daughter of William S. and Rachel Jones
  • Thomas S. Morris, male, born February 14, 1852, son of Thomas H. and Rachel Jones
  • Rastus V. Dodson, male, born July 1, 1852, son of James M. Dodson and Emily Baker
  • Virginia Reddick, female, born September 27, 1852, daughter of William R. Reddick and Mary Jane Gholson
  • John T. Pickett, male, born May 8, 1852, son of Thomas Pickett and Mahaley Reeves
  • No name, female, died within a few hours, born November 20, 1852, daughter of James S. and Rhoda Puckett
  • Joseph R. Peebles, male, born July 11, 1852, son of James F. Peebles and Elizabeth Wright
  • Not named, male, dead, born November 1852, owner Jonathan Ellis, mother’s name not given, black
  • Nancy Dodd, female, born July 1852, daughter of William Dodd and Permelia Chiles
  • Lucinda F. Tucker, female, born December 20, 1852, daughter of William P. and Eleanor Tucker
  • John Porter, male, born November 11, 1852, son of James T. and Ann H. Porter
  • Joseph Stephens, male, born May 17, 1852, son of Abraham Stephens and Martha P. Mott
  • Crisenbury S. Brake, male, son of William B. Brake and Diane H. Morris
  • No name, male, dead, born November 1852, son of William and Ann H. Cowper
  • Moody K. Hobbs, male, born July 15, 1852, son of Moody K. Hobbs and Rhoda Fulgham
  • George A. Morgan, female, born July 7, 1852, daughter of Toms S. Morgan and Elizabeth A. Gholson
  • Susan T. Rudd, female, born August 20, 1852, daughter of Thomas and Susan Rudd

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  1. Enjoy this sites daily updates but I have a question .
    My grandfather, “Otha Wheat Hamilton” was born in Mercer/Anderson County in 1880. His mother’s name was supposedly Caroline Truman Hamilton and his father was William Hamilton of Scotland. As the story goes, his father went to Montana to seek his fourtune and never returned his Mother died when he was about 2 or 3 years old . It is said that she gave her son Otha to the Wheat family before she passed. The a Wheat family raised him and when he was 18 Mr Wheat told him he wasn’t his real father and then proceeded to tell him the above story.
    I live in CA and have been back to Kentucky 3 times to find information on the above family story.
    My questions to you:
    1) where to find information on orphans in 1882 in Mercer/Anderson County. Could someone just give there baby away with no paperwork?
    2) our grandfathers name was Otha Wheat Hamilton. My thinking on this is: the Wheat family raised him so when he was told he was adopted could he just added Hamilton to the end of his name?
    3). If someone lived in the above county were there schools records ?
    4). My Grandpa attended Hopewell Baptist Church for 40 years. I have tried 3 times to get info out of this church and there is always an excuse why they cannot look at the records, ie they are in the basement, the kids are sleeping, etc. it’s very expensive to fly back there just to get one excuse after another . Calling didn’t work either. SAD. I finally gave up. But I think that church could answer so many questions for me. My grandparents are buried in that cemetery as well as other members of my family.
    How do I get these records? I even offered to go down in the dark, damp basement and no reply. I would even fly back again if I thought I could get some results. Any suggestions ?
    4). I’ve looked all over for Caroline Truman Hamilton’s grave. I know Find a Grave has come in handy for others but is there somewhere locally where I could post her information and maybe one of the unknown family graveyards would have her ?

    Thank you in advance for and information you can help me with.

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