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Civil War Soldier?

Scan_Pic1416 2

Isn’t this a wonderful photo?  Her dress is early Civil War era – notice the gathering at the waist, which later in the decade is cut to fit.  Her very plain hairstyle is also of the early 1860’s.  I love her fingerless black lace gloves!  She wears a brooch but no other jewelry.

The gentleman is interesting also – is he a soldier?  At first glance we would say no, but if you look carefully at his vest you will see buttons from top to bottom.  Generally a vest from this time period is more what we think of as a vest, with just a few buttons and showing more of the shirt.  An internet search showed soldiers vests buttoned from top to bottom.  I’d love to hear the opinions of someone more knowledgeable on the subject.

No names or place names on the photo.

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