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Biographical Information – Hancock County, Kentucky

Hancock County, Kentucky

Daviess L. Adair was born November 26, 1824, in Hardin County, Kentucky. His paternal ancestors came to America from Scotland and first settled in New York. Later they moved to North Carolina where his great-grandfather was born. He moved to Ohio and then to Maysville, Kentucky. His grandfather, Joseph Adair, was born in North Carolina and moved to Montgomery County, Kentucky, and then on to Missouri. His father, Isaac C. Adair, was born in Montgomery County, Kentucky. He moved to Hardin County in 1820 and died there in 1826. Isaac C. Adair was married to Milly Edwards. She was born in Nelson County, Kentucky, and died in Hardin County about 1852. They had two children, Daviess L. and Mary C. By a previous married Mrs. Adair had five children. Daviess L. married December 20, 1849, to Sarah A. Sterrett, daughter of William and Eliza Sterrett, of Breckinridge County. Their children were William, John, Isaac, Eliza, Mary and Dodd.

J. Q. Adams was born May 31, 1845, in Hancock County, Kentucky. He was the son of William and Mary Ann (Bright) Adams. William Adams was born near Frankfort, Kentucky, on July 22, 1799, his family having come from Pennsylvania, the son of John Adams. The family came to the Hancock County area in 1808. John had two children: David and William. John was a soldier in the War of 1812. Mary Ann (Bright) was born in Madison, Indiana, the sister of John Bright. She died in 1850. William and Mary Ann’s children were Georgette, Jesse and J. Q. J. Q. was married in 1867 to Nancy E. Hawes, daughter of Benjamin Hawes of Daviess County, where she was born. Nancy E. (Hawes) Adams died in 1872. She was the mother of Georgette. J. Q. married, secondly, on December 16, 1875, to Margaret J. Crockett, daughter of Anthony and Susan (Robb) Crockett. She was born in Franklin County, Kentucky, June 15, 1850. The only child of this married was Jesse Crockett Adams.

Joseph L. Allison was born October 7, 1823, in Hancock County, Kentucky. He was the son of William L. and Elizabeth (Lewis) Allison. William L. was born in Kentucky in 1794.

Captain E. K. Ayres was born March 13, 1839, in Jefferson County, Kentucky. He was the fourth child of Thomas H. and Sarah E. (Ebbert) Ayres. Thomas H. was born in Virginia, and his wife in Kentucky. Thomas H. Ayres moved from Louisville to Hancock County about 1820. He was a brick mason and died in 1876, aged 73. Sarah E. Ayres was born in Jefferson County, Kentucky, and died in Hancock County in 1844. Captain E. K. Ayres was married February 4, 1862, to Mary E. Tinsley, daughter of Willis and Sarah (Howell) Tinsley of Shelby County. Children of this marriage were Samuel E., Sarah E., and Phillip.

Millard B. Babbitt was born October 27, 1857, in Hancock County, Kentucky. He was the son of Stephen B. and Martha M. (Nichols) Babbitt. Stephen B. Babbitt was born in Pennsylvania.

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