Waltz-Smedley Family – Pisgah Presbyterian Cemetery

IMG_1409George Waltz, born October 28, 1801, died July 11, 1876.  Mary, wife of George Waltz, born May 6, 1805, died July 19, 1876.  Pisgah Presbyterian Cemetery, Woodford County, Kentucky.

George Waltz and Mary Smedley were married December 3, 1826.  Mary was the daughter of Samuel and Ann Smedley.  They had at least one son, William, who married his first cousin, Elizabeth Smedley, daughter of Morgan Smedley and Ann Burrier, Morgan being the brother of Mary Smedley.

IMG_1400William E. Waltz, born March 23, 1838, died January 30, 1894

IMG_1399Bettie (Elizabeth) Smedley, wife of William E. Waltz, January 15, 1840 – May 25, 1925

IMG_1379Morgan Smedley, born February 14, 1797, died April 11, 1866.  Ann (Burrier), wife of Morgan Smedley, born December 29, 1806, died October 20, 1879.

IMG_1380Nancy Smedley, born December 30, 1799, died October 9, 1868

This stone is beside George and Mary (Smedley) Waltz’s stone – and looks very similar.  This must be Mary’s sister, Nancy, who was living with them during the 1860 census.  Perhaps she never married.

IMG_1406George M. Waltz, son of W. E. and E. S. Waltz, born November 3, 1864, died September 14, 1869

A son of William and Betty (Smedley) Waltz.  A daughter was also born to them.  I cannot read the name on her gravestone.

IMG_1407Daughter of W. E. and E. S. Waltz, born September 13, 1867, died July 1884

And finally, one last member of the family, J. William Waltz, son of William and Elizabeth (Smedley) Waltz.  He and wife Mattie L. are buried alongside the rest of the family members.

Three generations of the Waltz and Smedley families buried at the beautiful Pisgah Presbyterian Cemetery in Woodford County, Kentucky.

IMG_1373Mattie L. Waltz, 1872-1957, J. William Waltz, 1870-1951

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