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1870’s to 1890’s Photos

Scan_Pic1466 1I wanted to share more old photos with you today.  The large sleeves are easy to date to the late 1890’s.  This is a very beautiful young woman.  Notice the watch pinned to her bodice.  The photo was taken by Kaufmann’s at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Scan_Pic1465 1Don’t you love the trim on this woman’s dress?  She seems very studious and serious – but perhaps it’s just her glasses!

Scan_Pic1464 1This is a diamond-shaped photo, as you can tell – terribly difficult to get in a frame!  Definitely an 1890’s photo!  This young couple is very sweet!  Photo taken by Parsons in Richmond, Indiana.

Scan_Pic1463 1This handsome gentleman is a true fashion-plate with his high collar and wide tie!

Scan_Pic1462And I believe I saved the best for last!  Late 1890’s – those huge leg-o-mutton sleeves!  The lace collar makes a dramatic addition to her dress!  Photo taken by T. W. Ryding, Franklin, Ohio.


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