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Captain John Linton

IMG_9938In memory of John Linton who departed this life December 4, 1836 in the 86th year of his age, Linton Graveyard, Washington County, Kentucky

Have been thinking about Captain John Hancock Linton this morning – my 4th and 5th great-grandfather.  I descend from two of his children – daughter Nancy and son William.  Moses Linton and Susannah Hancock were his parents.  Moses was first married to Susannah Harrison, daughter of Thomas Harrison, with whom he had at least two children, William and Thomas.  After her death he married Susannah Hancock.  The two sons from his previous marriage lived with them, and were still alive when Moses died in 1752.  William and Thomas Linton became wards of their guardian, Burr Harrison, their uncle.   Moses and Susanna Hancock had three children – Catherine, John and Moses.  After Moses Linton died in 1752 his widow married John Berkeley, and with him had at least two children, Elizabeth and Scarlett Berkeley.  So there we have it – a complicated family – but really no more so than in today’s society!

By the time Captain John Linton became of age, he rescinded his inheritance in favor of his step-father, John Berkeley, for his education and upbringing.  In the release of rights he lists himself as the ‘only surviving son and heir at law to my father, Moses Linton, late of the County of Fairfax, Gentleman, deceased, and eldest son and heir apparent to my mother’.  When John married Ann Mason about 1770, his younger brother Moses lived with him, and was listed with John on the tax lists, but evidently died by 1775.  His sister, Catherine Jennings Linton, married Joseph Lewis, son of Vincent Lewis and Ann Longworth.  They are the only two children of Moses Linton to live to adulthood, marry and have descendants.

When Loudoun County, Virginia, was formed from Fairfax County in 1752, the Linton’s, Berkeley’s, Lewis’, Mason’s and extended families lived in that portion.  A few records of these families from Loudoun County:

Deed Book A – I, John Berkeley, of Loudoun County, for consideration of seventy pounds current money of Virginia, paid by Charles Tyler of the same county, sold one Negro woman, together with her two children, 15th of October 1757.  In the presence of Daniel Hutchison, James Dozer, Richard Keen and Benjamin Berkeley.  (Charles Tyler was the step-uncle of Captain John).

Deed Book C – Indenture made the 8th/9th March 1762 between Benjamin Shreve and Ann, his wife, and John Berkeley, 218 acres of land bounded by land of Richard Brett, deceased, for fifty pounds current money paid by John Berkeley.  (Susanna Hancock was named in the will of Richard Brett).

Deed Book K – I, John Berkeley, in consideration of the sum of eighty pounds current money to me in hand paid by Joseph Lewis, sell unto him one Negro slave named Lettice and one Negro slave named Abraham, January 30, 1775.

Deed Book K – I, John Berkeley, inconsideration of the sum of two hundred and fifty pounds current money to me in hand paid by John Linton, sell unto him the three following slaves, Aaron, Milly and Charlotte, January 30, 1775.

Deeds 1795-1796 – Indenture made this 14th day of September 1795, between Edward B. Edwards (married Captain John Linton’s daughter Nancy, my 4th great-grandparents) for the sum of one hundred pounds current money sells to George Smith a tract of land on Church Road.

Deed Book L – I, Vincent Lewis, for natural love and affection which I have and bear to my son, Joseph Lewis, hath released unto him a parcel of land on the main road, part of where I now live, 16th day of January 1776.

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  1. Captain John Linton and his tombstone in Linton Graveyard, Washington Co. KY. I have been following along about the Lintons and know they are related to me but I need to look more closely. You said that when Loudoun Co. VA was formed from Fairfax Co. in 1752. the Lintons, Berkeleys, Lewis, Masons and extended families loved in that portion. My 3rd great grandfather, Philip Porter was b. in 1754 in Alexandria, Fairfax Co, VA and various notes of he being a surveyor and an appraiser in Loudoun Co. VA. Your article mentions Ann Mason, and Philips oldest son James married a Nancy Mason, or perhaps ANN and she was called Nancy, and I am wondering if someone readying this, may know more about Philip Porter. Since 1972 I have been searching for his parents, and possibly found them but cannot prove it. He and his wife, Nancy Ann (Brent) came to Shelby Co. KY about 1804 and settled in Taylorsville, KY where he was also an appraiser and surveyor. There seems to be various records of this kind, and yet, I cannot find his parents or siblings. If anyone knows anything about Philip Porter from Loudoun Co. Va, I would love to hear from you. I am Dottie (Porter) Himes Again thanks Phyllis for your continual KY Kindred work where I have learned so much about many of the people related to Philip Porter.

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