Clinkinbeard-Strode Families – Winchester Cemetery

IMG_1704_1Clinkinbeard and Strode Families

Winchester Cemetery, Clark County, Kentucky

William Clinkinbeard was born in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, October 10, 1761.  He came to Kentucky at an early age since he married Mary Mooney in 1781 at Fort Boonesborough in what is now Madison County,  According to the above plaque William was a Private in the Fayette County Militia during the Indian Wars.  He was also a Private in the 5th Regiment of the Mounted Kentucky Volunteers during the War of 1812.  Mary Mooney Clinkinbeard was born May 10, 1756, and died March 15, 1840, in Clark County, Kentucky.  William Clinkinbeard died October 13, 1844.

IMG_1703_1William Clinkinbeard, born October 10, 1761, died October 13, 1844

William’s son, John Clinkinbeard, was born August 16, 1792, in what is now Clark County, Kentucky.  He married Sally Strode, daughter of John Strode and Ruth Constant, from Strode’s Station.  Strode’s Station was within the county, not too far from Fort Boonesborough.

In the 1830 census of Clark County John Clinkinbeard is listed with four males under the age of 5, two males aged 5-9, one male 30-39; two females aged 5-9, one female aged 10-14 and one female 30-39; three male slaves under the age of 10, one male slave aged 10-23, and one female slave aged 10-23.

In the 1850 census John is listed as a farmer, age 57, Sally, 52, Jonathan, 23, Stephen, 22, James, 21, Elmore, 16, Thomas, 15, Simeon, 14, Ruth E., 13, Andrew, 11, Allen, 10, and Sally, 7.  In 1860 the children listed living with John and Sally are Elmore, 25, Jonathan, 28, Ruth, 20, Andrew, 18, Allen K., 17, and Sallie 15.

IMG_1697_1John Clinkinbeard, born August 16, 1792, died April 28, 1870

IMG_1696_1Salley, wife of John Clinkinbeard, died November 29, 1866, aged 68 years

John Strode and Ruth Constant, parents of Sally Strode, are also buried in Winchester Cemetery.  They were from James County, Virginia.

IMG_1702_1John Strode, born September 25, 1768, died August 2, 1834

IMG_1701_1Ruth, wife of John Strode, born March 24, 1770, died August 21, 1845

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