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Isaiah Hill and Emeline Coulter Marriage

Scan_Pic0294The  Commonwealth of Kentucky:  To any minister of the gospel, or any other person legally authorized to solemnize matrimony:  You are permitted to solemnize the Rites of Matrimony between Zay Hill and Miss Emeline Coulter, the requirements of the law having been complied with.  Witness my signature as Clerk of Washington County Court this 24th day of August, 1904.  W. T. Booker, Clerk.

This is to certify that on the 24th day of August, 1904, the Rites of Matrimony were legally solemnized by me between Zay Hill and Miss Emeline Coulter at Springfield, in the county of Washington, in the presence of Jonah Hardin and John Hardin, signed, Albert T. Felix, minister.

Isaiah ‘Zay’ Hill and Emeline Coulter are my great uncle and great aunt – being the brother and sister of my paternal grandparents, Jessie Delbert Hill and Nannie Bell Coulter – siblings married siblings!  They are the children of Isaiah Hill and Lydia Ann Ross, and George R. Coulter and Mary Elizabeth Crow.

Taken from the 1910, 1920, 1930 and 1940 census records of Marion County the children of Zay and Emeline are as follows:  Irvine, George, Otis, Hubert, Nellie Gladys, Mary A., Frank, Eugene, Estelle, Anna and Isaiah, Jr.

Isaiah ‘Zay’ Hill died August 9, 1942, in Marion County, Kentucky.  I do not have a death date for his wife, Emeline.

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  1. Thank you for posting this. Emeline Coulter is my Second Cousin Three Times Removed. My Third Great Grand Aunt Lucy MURPHY b. 1807 d. 13 Mar 1852 married July 1827 to Isaiah HILL b. 1807 d. 13 March 1852 Another Third Great Grand Aunt Jane MURPHY b. 9 May 1814 d. 1 Dec 1866 m. 6 April 1831 to Frederick HILL b. 1812 d. 13 March 1852 Both Husbands died in the HILL-EVANS Feud on 13 March 1852. My Third Great Grand Uncle, Joseph MURPHY b. 1825 d. 4 April 1853 also got entangled in the HILL-EVANS Feud, striking revenge on Lucy and Jane’s husbands’ killers. He was assassinated 4 April 1853 by friends of the EVANS family. Jack Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2015 11:01:49 +0000 To:

  2. Isaiah and Emeline Hill is my great grandmother. Their daughter Nellie Gladys Hill Johnson is my grandmother. Emeline is burried in Columbus, Indiana. I am doing a family tree and I enjoy reading about our past.

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