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Happy Wedding Day!

Scan_Pic1509 1I have a lovely wedding photo to share with you today – perhaps 1920-ish?

The bride is very beautiful and her veil and dress just add another degree of loveliness.  Her dress is similar to her attendants with an over-skirt, but ends in a long train.  Her cap veil style was very popular then and you still see similar styles through the years, but generally with a more fitted head piece, not the softly gathered folds as in this photo.

The bridal bouquet is sumptuous!  Large, filled with roses, calla lilies and fern!

The bride’s attendants are lovely in matching dresses and bouquets.  I notice they were gloves, and I’m sure the bride does, too.

The groom and his men are handsome in dark suits with white shirts and ties – the groom with a regular tie, his men with bow ties.

I suppose every photographer had a massive chair for such occasions!  This one looks exactly like the chair my grandfather sat in for his wedding portrait!

Unfortunately there are no names to go with this photo.  It was taken by Zygila V. Mroozkos at 902 Junction Avenue in Toledo, Ohio.

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  1. Hi, I’m originally from the neighborhood this photo was taken. The photographer was Edward Zygila, who was a well known portrait and event photographer in Toledo’s Polish immigrant communities. Junction Avenue was part of what was known as the “Kuschwantz” neighborhood in Toledo–one of two Polish neighborhoods in the city. That background is fairly common in wedding photos from that photographer from about sometime after 1910 through the 1920s. Mr. Zygila died in 1940 and I think the photography studio closed shortly. I do not know whose wedding this was, but it could be possible I know some of the descendants. If you don’t mind, I may ask someone from that area or the Toledo Polish Genealogical Society to see if this can be identified. I can even share a link on my website if you think that may help. Thanks.

    Donna Mierzejewski McManus

  2. Hi do you know where this photo was found in KY? The groom looks so much like my grandfather’s side of the family and one couple did move there. I can’t ask them because they’ve unfortunately passed away. Thank you!

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