Family Stories

John E. Brown Biography

from Kentucky – A History of the State by Perrin, 1887

Allen County, Kentucky

John E. Brown was born in Allen County, Kentucky, November 4, 1841.  His father, Drury Denton Brown, was a Kentuckian by birth, and grew to manhood in Allen County, where, in 1833, he married Sarah, daughter of Sketton Brown.  Her parents were natives of Virginia, from which state they emigrated, and were among the first settlers of Sumner County, Tennessee.  She died about the year 1865, leaving a family of seven children, three of whom lived to be grown.  Drury Denton Brown spent his life in agricultural pursuits; he died in December, 1881, aged sixty-nine years.  John E. is the fourth in the family by birth.  His early life was passed amid the scenes and labors incident to farm life; he received but little education at school, but with practical learning his mind is well stored.  He remained with his parents on the farm where he was born until he attained his twenty-second year.  On the 15th of October, 1863, he was united in marriage with Margaret, daughter of Alexander and Margaret Lyles, of Allen County, Kentucky.  Their union has been blessed with seven children:  Enola A. (Napier), Lula D. (Napier), Edward D., Robert T., Johnnie, Charles and Pernie P.  in 1866 Mr. Brown bought 200 acres of land on Bay’s Fork Creek, which he has brought to a fine state of cultivation, and improved with a good dwelling, barns and orchard.  In agricultural pursuits he has been successful.  In 1874 he was elected to the office of surveyor of Allen County; he has been twice re-elected, and in the pursuance of the duties of his office has given good satisfaction to his constituents.  Politically he is a Republican, but is liberal in his views, except on the temperance question, on which he is very decided and favors the cause by both precept and example.  He and wife are members of the Methodist Church, of which four of their children are also members, and of which Mr. Brown is a recording steward.

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