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Hancock County Kentucky Tidbits

Hancock County Kentucky Tidbits

M. H. Connor, born February 1, 1851, in Perry County, Indiana, was the son of David M. and Maria L. (Prentiss) Connor.  David M. was born in Perry County in 1829 and died in St. Louis in December 1862, as a result of the Civil War.  Maria L. was born in Petersburg, Virginia, in 1828.  David M. and Maria L. had the following children:  M. H., James P. and William A.  M. H. was married in April 1875 to Virginia Gregory, daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth (Sample) Gregory.  Virginia was born in Pennsylvania in 1851.  The children of this marriage were:  James H., William G. and Austin.

Robert E. Duncan was born January 22, 1846, in Daviess County, Kentucky, the son of John G. and Sarah (Head) Duncan.  The great-grandfather, John Duncan, came to Nelson County, Kentucky, from Virginia.  the grandfather, Robert Duncan, moved to Daviess County where he died in 1830.  John G. was born in Nelson County in 1802.  He died in 1878.  Sarah Head was the daughter of Henry Head of Daviess County.  She died in 1844 or 1845.  John G. and Sarah had the following children:  Mary J., Thomas K., R. E. and C. T.  Robert E. Duncan married in 1876 to Adelia Hannan of Cincinnati, Ohio.  A child, Genevieve, was born August 22, 1878.

James Freeman, born January 23, 1842, in Spencer County, Kentucky, a son of Nathan and Elizabeth (Bennett) Freeman.  Nathan was born July 12, 1811, in Spencer County.  He came to Hancock County in 1849.  Elizabeth Bennett was born in Spencer County in 1816, and died in Hancock County about 1860.  The children of Nathan and Elizabeth were:  Joshua, Amos, James, John R., Marcus, Sarah A. (wife of Taylor Chambers), Louisa (wife of Silas Warner) and Joseph B.  James Freeman was married December 28, 1865, to Nannie A. Miller, daughter of William B. Miller.  She was born December 2, 1842.  The child of this married is Mary M., wife of Harvey L. Myers.  James Freeman is a Baptist, his wife is Methodist.

William J. Gabbert, born December 12, 1856, in Hancock County was the son of Eli E. Gabbert who was born in Kentucky.

Dr. Isaac N. Greathouse, born about 1792 in Nelson County, Kentucky, was the son of Harmon Greathouse, a native of Pennsylvania.  Isaac N. married Elizabeth Lewis.  She was born in Jefferson County, Kentucky, in 1799, the daughter of John and Hannah Lewis.  They moved to Hancock County the year that Elizabeth was born.  Dr. Isaac Greathouse died in Hancock County in 1832.  Elizabeth died in 1879.  Their children were:  H. B., J. L. and William L.  Harmon B. Greathouse was born May 2, 1822, in Troy, Indiana.  He came to Hancock County in 1859.  He married February 10, 1840, to Martha R. Haywood, daughter of James and Catherine (Lewis) Haywod, natives of Henry County, Kentucky.  Martha R. was born in Daviess County in November 1827.  The children of Harmon B. and Martha R. were:  Catherine E. (wife of Milton C. Tracy), Martha H. (wife of Thomas L. Henderson) and Isaac N.  Martha R. died September 29, 1862.  Harmon married, secondly, on December 1, 1868, Martha E. Haywood, daughter of George Haywood.  Martha E. was born in Clark County, Missouri, in 1830.  She died in September 1878.

J. L. Greathouse, born March 17, 1828, in Hancock County, was married January 1, 1855, to Miss S. C. Smith, daughter of Michael and Sarah (Scott) Smith, natives of Virginia.  S. C. Smith was born in Henry County, Kentucky, in 1836.  The children of J. L. and S. C. were:  Nicholas J., Sarah (wife of Stephen Emich), Susan (wife of Rufus Neel), Almenda O. (wife of William Roberts), Laura Cooper, Vinson, Clark and Fannie Lou.

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