Thomas J. Jolly Biography

Kentucky – A History of the State – by Perrin 1887

Breckinridge County

Thomas J. Jolly, son of Nelson and Barbara Jolly, was born January 10, 1828, in the Union Star Precinct of this county. He remained with his parents until nineteen years old, attending school usually during the winter months. His first venture for himself was as a farm hand, then worked at the cooper’s trade for two years. In 1849 he was appointed deputy sheriff under his father, serving for two years, then under his brother (G. P. Jolly) for four years. At the end of that time he purchased a farm near Webster. He lived there for four years when he sold out and bought his present farm, one mile north of Bewleyville, and one of the most beautiful places in the county. It is well improved, having a handsome residence, excellent barns, etc. Mr. Jolly has devoted considerable attention to stock raising, in which he has been very successful. He was deputy sheriff again in 1863-64 under Frank Beard (during the war) a period when the office was not a safe one, and in 1865 he was appointed sheriff, and held the office for one year. He was married, June 21, 1853, to Amanda L., a daughter of Jeremiah and Lydia Jordan, of Bedford County, Virginia. Four children are the result of this union: Robert M., Sarah (Mrs. Cain), William C. and Mary Blanche. Mr. Jolly is one of the prominent citizens of Breckinridge County. He is a zealous member of the Masonic fraternity; has been elected thirteen times Worshipful Master of his lodge (the writer has met him amid many scenes, to which the world was not a witness, and together they strove to do good to their fellow men) and for forty years has been a member of the Methodist Church. He is a strong temperance man, and a zealous worker in the cause; politically he was a Whig under the old regime, but under the new he affiliates with the Republican Party.

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