Family Stories

1863 Civil War Photo

Scan_Pic1567 2This is the very beautiful, and beautifully dressed, Maggie Ralston, whose photo was taken in 1863.  Don’t you love it when the name and the date are written on back?

Maggie wears an exceptional dress, perhaps made of satin, with a deep ruffle, and very extensive decoration on her outer sleeves.  The white inner sleeves make a beautiful contrast with the rest of the dress.  She wears a brooch at her neck, and little bobs hanging from her ears.

I wish we knew a little more about Maggie, but there is no town or state listed on the back, just her written name and year.

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  1. FINE picture!!Do you have pictures of Adam Jungbluth(Youngblood in his service records) in his uniform taken about 1864?Or, the wedding picture of George & Caroline Klein?Ron

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