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June 28, 1903 Photo

Scan_Pic1579 2What a lovely photo!  A mother and daughter, Helene and Greterl Lauer with Erich Steiner – photo taken June 28, 1903, in Germany.  There are many aspects of this photo I enjoy – the outfits of all three!  From Erich’s sailor outfit and little boot, to Greterl’s white pinafore with huge ruffles over the sleeves, to Helene’s gorgeous lace blouse and pendant.  You can see the detail of the lace in the shadow on her skirt!

Inside the house a birdcage is easily seen through the front door.  Does it contain a canary or two – or something a little larger – like a cockatiel?  Further in the room is a large table with a white tablecloth.

It would be interesting to know who took the photo – Erich’s mother?  Were the two women enjoying a day with their children?  I suppose we will never know.


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