Old Photo Postcards – 1904-1920

Scan_Pic1589 1Both postcards are of the same house – which looks like what we call a duplex today!  Each side is a mirror image of the other.  Three children stand in front of the house.

Scan_Pic1589 2Unfortunately we have no names or place names!

Scan_Pic1589 4And a woman stands behind the fence on the right side – possibly the mother?

Scan_Pic1591 1Both photos have this postcard stamp, known to be used between 1904 and the 1920’s.

Scan_Pic1590 1In this photo another group of three children are in front of the house.

Scan_Pic1590 2All three holding hands – probably siblings!

Scan_Pic1590 4And on the left side of the photo a man sitting on the steps, a little girl (possibly the one in the first photo) and a woman?  She is very short, if so!

Oh, these photos just want to tell us their stories, but it’s hard to know what they may be!  Do you recognize anyone in either photo?

3 thoughts on “Old Photo Postcards – 1904-1920”

  1. I was just wondering if you have any info on the McCoy/ Brown families of Kentucky? My mothers families come from Kentucky. thank you for your time.

  2. The house looks a little like a building on West Main Street in Lexington. It once was an orphanage where the boys had an entrance and the girls had an entrance.

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