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1898 Life In Paris, Kentucky

Life in the small town of Paris, Kentucky in 1898 – much like life in small towns all over America, had the news of goings on during the week – who visited whom, who took trips away or to the area, dances held, etc. Although this particular excerpt does not include sickness – except for the fever of the first instance – perhaps the citizens of Paris were in fine health in September 1898 – many will give that information also. And in a farming community news of crops and stock and weather will also be of interest. Sit back and enjoy the news from 1898!

from The Bourbon News, Paris, Kentucky

September 20, 1898

Personal Mention

Comers and Goers Observed by the News Man

Notes Hastily Jotted On The Streets, At The Depots, In The Hotel Lobbies and Elsewhere

  • J. Q. Ward, Jr., has recovered from a spell of fever.
  • Harold Johnson, of Mt. Sterling, is in the city on a visit.
  • Misses Annie Louise and Sue Clay were in Lexington Saturday.
  • W. A. Hill has gone to Barre, Vermont, on a business trip.
  • J. J. Connell and babe have gone to Mason County for a visit.
  • E. F. Clay and Miss Amelia Clay were in Lexington yesterday.
  • Miss Laura Trundle is visiting friends and relatives in Covington.
  • H. H. Roberts and son visited relatives near Georgetown last week.
  • George Gregg, of Crawfordsville, Indiana, in is in city on a short visit.
  • Editor William Remington was in Mason Saturday and Sunday on a visit.
  • C. F. Ireland was registered at the Hoffman House, in New York, Friday.
  • and Mrs. Matt Turney were guests of relatives in Georgetown over Sunday.
  • R. C. Talbott has returned from Michigan where he has been spending a month.
  • Miss Mary Brent has returned from a delightful visit in Owensboro and Louisville.
  • Miss Bertha Hinton has returned from a visit to Miss Montgomery, in Elizabethtown.
  • W. E. Simms and daughter, Miss Lucy Simms, have returned from St. Paul and New York.
  • and Mrs. F. L. McChesney arrived home Saturday evening from a visit to relatives in Frankfort.
  • August Gutzeit, of Lexington, was in the city yesterday afternoon directing the rehearsal of the Elk Minstrels.
  • Miss Katie Russell will give a theatre party tomorrow evening in the honor of her guests, Misses Hall and Davis.
  • Miss Armilda McMillan arrived home yesterday afternoon from a visit to Miss Laura Williams, in Mt. Sterling.
  • Albert Hinton and Talbott Clay have returned from a trip to Petoskey, Bay View, Mackinac and Sault Ste. Marie.
  • and Mrs. Honen, of New York, were guests at Mr. G. B. Alexander’s yesterday afternoon, while en route to Mt. Sterling, for a visit.
  • John Feeney and son are visiting relatives in Richmond. Mr. Feeney, who went over to spend Sunday, came home yesterday.
  • Miss Mary Best Tarr will leave Thursday for a short visit to Miss Marie Robinson, in Cynthiana, before going to Oxford, Ohio, to attend college.
  • Miss Eddie Spears, of this city, who is visiting friends in Nicholasville, was one of the handsomest ladies at the Centennial Ball in that city Friday night.
  • M. H. Daily left Friday for a visit to relatives in Jackson, and his office in new in charge of Mr. Charles Dickson. Dr. Daily will return Thursday.
  • Miss Alice Spears has returned from a visit to friends in Newport and Cynthiana. Misses Lucy Arnold and Margaret Air, of Newport, will arrive this week to be her guests.
  • A delightful informal dance was given last night at Old Fellows Hall in compliment to Miss Eloise Cleary, of Covington, and Miss Rebecca Davis, of Cincinnati, who are charming guests of Miss Kate Russell. The dance was not begun until after the guest of honor came from the opera “Amorita,” and it was continued until long past midnight. The music was furnished by Saxton’s orchestra.
  • Among the visitors to our city, says The Winchester News, are Miss Reba E. Mitchell, of Baltimore, and Miss Emily May Wheat, of Louisville, Ky, who are visiting friends in Boyce, Miss Wheat is one of the famed beauties of the Bluegrass state. They have taken Winchester by storm and both have been the admired of the admired today.

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