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James Schooling – Revolutionary War Pension Application

from Pioneer History of Washington County, Kentucky by Orval Baylor

James Schooling, Mary Schooling Pension Application

W 9281 Pennsylvania

State of Kentucky, Washington County, June 5, 1834, personally appeared the above soldier age 77, in the month of May, he entered the company of Captain Little as a substitute for one Benjamin Hesint, for a three month tour and joined the regiment commanded by one Major Morgan, then there were about 500 of us and all commanded by General Dark. We marched to near Fort Pitt where we lay after sometime from thence, we descended the Ohio River to a fort called Holaday’s Cove, where we remained until discharged which took place in August of the same year. Again in the winter of the same he entered the company commanded by one William Lucas for another tour of three months as a substitute for one Moses Malton and marched from Berkeley County to Fredericksburg, and on the Rappahanock, and were honorably discharged by the said William Lucas, after having served this tour. He returned home again in 1781. He was drafted from the said county of Berkeley in the company of Captain Jarret for a tour of three months and joined the main army at Williamsburg. We were stationed until we were discharged. He solemnly swears that he served three tours of three months each, amounting in all to nine months faithfully served in the War of the Revolution. He knows of no person being in the county by whom he can prove his services. He was reared in the state of Virginia, born in the year 1757 and has lived in this county ever since. He distinctly recollects General Washington and LaFayette.

Page 1 Bible Records.

  • James Schooling, born February 12, 1757
  • Elizabeth Schooling, born July 30, 1785
  • Robert Schooling, born January 16, 1787
  • Piety Schooling, born September 8, 1788

(This is in the handwriting of John Strother, a school master according to the affidavit of Mary, the widow, who boarded in the family which was affidavit that she is the daughter of James Schooling, deceased, and Mary, his wife. written before her husband and family moved to Kentucky which was dated 1797.)

Page 2 Bible Records

  • Mary Schooling was born September 28, 1791
  • John Schooling was born March 2, 1793
  • Sarah Schooling was born May 2, 1795
  • Jean (or Jane) Schooling was born February 25, 1797, married Watts
  • James Schooling was born November 8, 1798

Several persons gave affidavits that they were well acquainted with the soldier in Washington County.

His widow, Mary Schooling, made application for pension in Washington County, 1846, April 11, and that she was married to him December 17, 1784, and that her husband died March 4, 1840.

The second page of the family Bible contains the ages of the balance of her children which is in the handwriting of her oldest son, Robert Schooling. The Bible with the family records has been in the possession for more than 50 years.

Affidavit of Jane S. Watts, resident of Washington County, Kentucky, 1846.

Affidavit of Michael Matheny, who states that he is a resident of Mercer County, Kentucky, but that he was born and raised in Berkeley County, Virginia, and that he was raised in less than one and one-half miles of the father of James Schooling and from the earliest recollection, has been acquainted with each of them and knows that the name before marriage, and also ever since and has lived for several years within 12 miles of them after they settled in Washington County, Kentucky. At this time lives more than 20 miles from the widow. He did not see the ceremony performed, but was in the neighborhood at the time they married and heard of it and it is the impression of this deponent that they may have gone across the county line into Loudoun County, Virginia, to get married. Deponent can speak positively that the said James Schooling and the said Mary lived together as man and wife and was so recognized by their neighbors many years previous to the first of January, 1794.

Affidavit of William R. Watts of Washington County, Kentucky, 1848, states that he is age 59 and is a son-in-law of James and Mary Schooling.

From Washington County marriage records –

  • William R. Watts married Jane Schooling – April 15, 1815
  • John Watts married Polly Schooling – August 3, 1814

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  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful article. James Schooling and his wife Mary were my 3 times great grandparents Their son-in-law W. R. Watts and Jane Watts were my 2 times great grandparents. They were Williams Russell Watts Sr. and his wife Jane Schooling Watts. W. R. Watts parents were Richard Watts from Culpeper County VA and Sarah (Sallie) Stubblefield . I am descended from 7 Revolutionary War participants as many veterans of that war were given land in Kentucky after the war instead of money. I have a cousin who is descended from John Watts (William Russell’s brother) and Polly Schooling. She lives in California and we got in contact (after many generations) through genealogy and the computer. She has published the Watts-Hayes online which some people might find interesting. These are letters from John’s daughter to her father and other relatives before, during and after the Civil War. Thank you again for sharing all your hard work with us. I look forward every morning to your latest post. Marilyn Watts Vance McGaughey

  2. I am also a descendant of William Russell Watts! He is my 3x great grandfather, and Martha Ann Wilham is my 3x great grandmother! I was so excited to read about Jane Schooling too! Cousins! Haha

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